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Wait - TAW is back?

YES! The Achievement Warrior is back and ready to go! Well, almost. You're going to be seeing a bunch of changes within the next few weeks, including the domain name. is going to be the new domain name in just a few hours.

If you've still been coming by for help on pet battles, achievements, and more, thanks for checking it out! I'll be dumping a ton of content on here within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Mastering the Menagerie, Part 1!

Yes, it's that part that I said I was going to do a couple of weeks ago. My bad! In this article, I'm going to give you the teams, order, and strats that you will need in order to beat the Menagerie Teams that you get with your level 3 Garrison. I do believe that they're in a specific rotation, I could be wrong, but I'm giving them to you as they are listed in my Rematch teams.

A note on Rematch: If you don't have Rematch, get it. It saves your teams and, if you save the list as the name of the NPC you're fighting, it will ask you if you want to switch to that team. It's easy and convenient, and doesn't take a lot of memory to use.

Without further ado - the battles!

Fire and Water (Tirs and Fiero), Royal Pains (King Floret and Queen Floret), and Carrots (Mr. TerribleCarroteye, and Sloppus)

This is the only time that I use the same team for multiple groups, so I figured I would start with them. The basic layout for this team is three of the crocs that you get from the Shattrath fishing daily. (Muckbreath, Chuck, Snarly, and Toothy).  Make sure that they all have Rip, Surge, and Blood in the Water. Use Muckbreath or Chuck as your starter cause they're a bit faster.
Fire and Water and Royal Pains: The battle starts with Tirs, so then use Rip, then Blood in the Water (which always hits when the target is bleeding), and then use Surge until Tirs dies. Then, Fiero comes up. Use Rip on Fiero first. if his first ability misses, you will survive and can do Blood in the Water again with that croc; if not, switch to your next croc and do Blood in the Water right away (since Fiero will already be bleeding). Then, spam the daylights out of Surge until Fiero dies. I usually only use 2 crocs for this, so you can use the third slot for a leveling pet if you wish; if you do, switch to it after the first croc dies, then switch.
Carrots: Carrots are a little rougher - some people use a different third pet to fight Sloppus, but honestly, I found it easier to just have the three teams the same. Basically, it's the same as above - use Rip first, then Blood in the Water, then Surge until Blood in the Water is up again, and refresh Rips as needed. I usually need all three crocs for this.

We Three Magicians (HanosManos, and Fatos)
These guys are fairly easy to deal with. They used to be harder before 6.1, but now they're pretty simple. I currently use a team of the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and the Emerald Proto-Whelp - I use the third slot as a leveling pet. I can usually solo it with the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Breath, Bombing Run, Decoy). Put out the leveling pet, then switch to the Dragonling. I start with Decoy, do Bombing Run, then cycle through Breath until Bombing Run's CD is up. Then, when Decoy is back up, put that up, and continue the rotation until all three are down. Just make sure your Emerald Proto-Whelp has Breath in his first slot, just in case your Dragonling has some bad luck.

Oreeaters (RockbiterStonechewer, and Acidtooth)
The Oreeater crew is a bit unique. Yes, they're humanoid, but you don't want to go in there with undead pets. A couple of them have an ability that makes them take damage like an elemental, so you want to go in with a water team. My current team is the Eternal Strider (Water Jet, Healing Wave, Pump), the Undead Val'kyr (Shadow Slash, Curse of Doom, Unholy Ascension), and a Silkbead Snail (Absorb, Shell Shield, Dive). If you don't have a Valk, it's okay, use the Ghostly Skull (Shadow Slash, 2nd slot doesn't matter, Unholy Ascension). The Valk just makes it go a little quicker on Acidtooth.
Rockbiter: Eternal Strider comes out first against Rockbiter. Use Pump 4 times (so it hits him twice) and then a Water Jet will kill him.
Stonechewer: use Healing Wave, and then use Pump until your Strider dies. Bring out your Valk or Ghostly Skull. Stonechewer does not have the elemental ability, so you will want to smack him around with Shadow Slash for a bit. It should only take one or two.
Acidtooth: use Shadow Slash (twice if you're using the skull), then Curse of Doom (Valk only), then Unholy Ascension (both have it). Then, out will come your Silkbead Snail. Put your shell shield on - this will absorb most of Acidtooth's Spiny Carapace. If you have the Valk, spam Absorb until Curse of Doom explodes. If you have the Ghostly Skull, then spam Absorb till he goes down.

It Ain't a Pint, It's a Quint! (Quintessence of Light)
That was a really lame name for this. Anyway, the Quintessence of Light is a pretty simple fight now that it got nerfed in 6.1. My main team that I use is a Festival Lantern, Arcane Eye, and the Mana Wyrmling. All you have to do is bulk them all up with magic attacks, and then beat on the Quintessence. You can basically use any 3 high attack magic types, and he'll be gone in a few moves. You can do it with two and a leveling pet as well, but sometimes your RNG will kick your butt and you'll need to retry, so do it with caution.

We all know and love Blingtron! This is actually a relatively easy cycle, as long as you understand that all three of them actually take damage as critters (as opposed to mechanicals) which means that you actually want beast abilities to deal with them. I found that it was best to go after them with the Topaz Shale Hatchling, the Amethyst Shale Hatchling, and the Emerald Shale Hatchling. Any shale hatchling will work - you want to give them all Leech Life, Sticky Web, and Stoneskin. Then, you just want to start with Stoneskin, then switch between Sticky Web and Leech Life, refreshing Stoneskin as necessary. It makes the fight go slowly, but you win easily.

Buggy Bugs (GrubblesScrags, and Stings)
This is a relatively easy fight when compared to some of the others. Don't let them fool you, though - all of these bugs are not critters! Grubbles is, but Scrags is a Beast, and Stings is Flying. The current setup I use is Chrominius (with Bite, Howl, and Ravage), the Darkmoon Tonk (with Missile, Shock and Awe, and Lock on), and the Enchanted Lantern (with Beam, Flash, and Light). 
Grubbles - Use Howl, then Bite, then use Ravage - the second time should kill him, and then heal you up. 
Scrags -  Keep using Bite until Scrags kills Chrominius, switch to your Tonk. Hit him with Shock and Awe. If it stuns him, switch to Enchanted Lantern and follow the instructions for Stings below. If it doesn't, use Lock on and Missile Until Scrags goes down. 
Stings - Bring out Enchanted Lantern, use Flash, then Light, then Beam until Stings goes down. 

When I Was a Young Warthog (Brutus and Rukus)

Coming soon!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Constructing Your First Core Team

One of the things that you want to do is construct a core team, one of every type, at least to start with. You want to try and have at least uncommon quality. Later on in the guide, we’ll have guides for more advanced players in regards of the best combinations for different pet battles. This is just going to give you a basic guide to start off your pet battling. Each list will have a few suggestions for you. 

Pet Family
Racial learned option
Low-level capture option
Auction House options
Black Kingsnake or Orange Tabby Cat
Winterspring Cub (50g)
Spider (All over)
Snowshoe Rabbit
Snowshoe or Brown Rabbit
Fawn (Elwynn), Gazelle Fawn (Mulgore)
Imperial Silkworm, Peanut
Jade Crane Chick
Any Moth or Owl
Bat (Tirisfal Glades), Chicken, Crested Owl (Teldrassil).
Guardian Cub
Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling
Any Dragonhawk Hatchling
Chrominius, Sprite Darter Hatchling
Anubisath Idol, Corefire Imp
Ghostly Skull (40g)
Lost of Lordaeron (Undercity), Spirit Crab (Ghostlands), Infected Squirrel (Bloodmyst Isle)
Sen’jin Fetish
Dark Phoenix Hatchling (Guild Vendor – 300g)
Ruby Sapling (Eversong Woods)
Terrible Turnip, Any of the Pandaren Elementals
Mana Wyrmling – 40g
Jade Owl, Any Lantern or Lamp, Toxic Wasteling
Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot (50g)
Tiny Harvester (Westfall), Robo-Chick (Azshara), Fluxfire Feline (Dun Morogh)
Mechanical Squirrel, Mechanical Pandaren Hatchling, Clockwork Gnome
Shore Crawler
Wood or Tree Frog (Darkmoon Faire only, 1g each)
Turquoise Turtle (Azshara), Toad (all over),
Any Shattrath Crocolisk, Sea Pony

Important notes: These are just suggestions for beginner pet battlers and collectors. Look around, see what you want. I had a big pet base when pet battles came out, but not everyone does. If you have a bigger pet base, check out the section on Best Pets for Battling in order to figure out what ones to use. Do not worry about having a humanoid early on, either; you won’t encounter Dragonkin till later on, and you’ll have more opportunities to get them at later levels.

You’ll also note I didn’t list quest-based pets. Why? Because there’s a whole page dedicated to them that’s on its way!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Time to Battle!

TrackingSo, pick out what pet you want to battle with. At this point, go into your “tracking” (the little magnifying glass on your mini-map) and click on it. Make sure that “Track Pets” is checked, and then suddenly, your mini-map will show these little green paw prints. Those paw prints will show you the location of pets that you can battle.

SquirrelWhen you fly (or walk, or ride) to one of those green paw prints, you will have your first encounter with a battle pet. This is a level 1 Squirrel that you can battle against whichever starter beast you chose.  In order to start a pet battle, right click on the pet. Then, your UI will change.

Important: Sometimes it will tell you your battle area is obstructed. Adjust where you’re standing; you may just be in an odd spot that doesn't have enough room. You can usually resolve this problem, but if not, just try a different pet to battle.

1 - Your pet. This is the pet that you currently have in battle. It will show its icon, its name, and its rarity. If the box around your pet’s icon is gold, that means your pet is faster and will go first in battle, unless the opposing pet has an ability that “always goes first."
2 - Your pet’s health bar. This shows how much health your pet has left. When it hits zero, your pet is dead, and cannot battle and will not earn any XP.
3 - Your reserve pets. These are the icons of the other two pets that are not currently in combat.
4 - The opposing pet. Just like your side, this is the opposing pet’s name and its rarity. Here are the rarities:
    • Gray-  Poor
    • White – Common
    • Green- Uncommon
    • Blue – Rare
    • Purple- Epic (only against trainers, not currently capturable)
    • Orange – Legendary (only against trainers, not currently capturable.

      Just like the other items you find in game, the different colors show how good they are. If you’re just catching for your collection, go ahead and catch a gray or white quality; I usually try to capture at least a green-quality pet, but I prefer blues. There will be more about rarity and “breeds” of pets later on in this guide.
5 - Opposing pet’s health bar. It hits zero, it’s over.
6 - Opposing pet’s reserve pets. When they’re all gone, you win! Wild pet levels 1-4 only have 1 pet. At level 5, you battle 2 pets; at level 15, you battle 3 pets.
7 - Your pet’s abilities. You can also see these in the pet journal. Pay attention to the little arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the abilities – if there is a green arrow there, that ability will be more effective against the current pet in battle; if it’s red, it’s less effective.
8 - Switch pet. Switch your current pet for another pet in your lineup.
9 - Trap. The quality of this trap will change when you get certain achievements; this is the “Pokeball” of World of Warcraft. You can’t capture PC or NPC’s owned pets, but wild pets can be captured and added to your arsenal. You cannot capture until the opposing pet is at 35% HP or less.
10 - Forfeit. If you don’t want to waste your time battling a pet, think you’re going to get slaughtered anyway, or have to go AFK for an undetermined period of time, you can forfeit. No XP is gained and no pets are captured if you forfeit. 

Anatomy of a Pet Battle

For this example, I’m going to be using my Orange Tabby Cat against a Squirrel. Obviously, it’s going to be different depending on what happens in your battle (there is a bit of luck in this as well), but this will give you the general idea.

Orange Tabby Cat: Level 1 Beast, 145 HP, uncommon quality, 11 AP, 10 speed. Ability: Claw (Beast)
Squirrel: Level 1 Critter, 123 HP, uncommon quality, 9 AP, 13 speed. Ability: Scratch (Critter)

First turn: Squirrel goes first, uses Scratch, 19 damage. (Orange Tabby now has 126 HP)
 Orange Tabby Cat goes second, uses Claw, 46 damage (Strong). (Squirrel now has 77 HP)

Second turn: Squirrel goes first, uses Scratch, misses. (Orange Tabby now has 126 HP)
 Orange Tabby Cat goes second, uses Claw, 44 damage (Strong). (Squirrel now has 33 HP)

Third turn: Squirrel goes first, uses Scratch, misses (Orange Tabby now has 126 HP)
  Orange Tabby Cat goes second, uses Claw, 45 damage (Strong). (Squirrel has now died)

Orange Tabby Cat gains 55 XP and reaches level 2.

And that's it! Seems relatively simple, right? Good! Then let's go on to Part 3! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting Started with Pet Battles

So you want to start out with pet battles but you don’t have a ton of pets in your collection? Are you a low level played wanting to check out the fun that can be had in pet battles? This guide is going to help you get started.

First off, you need to go to your faction’s trainer. In Stormwind, you’ll find Audrey Burnhep back behind the Dwarven District. In Orgrimmar, you’ll find Varzok up near the Undercity and Stranglethorn Zeppelin Tower. There are pet battle trainers in the other cities and some of the major towns, but I went right to Audrey. She (or Varzok, if you’re Horde) gives you a short questline to start your Pet Battle adventures, and, after you do some of that, she’ll have a pet available to you depending on what your character’s race is:

Draenei - Blue Moth
Dwarf & Gnome- Snowshoe Rabbit
Human - Orange Tabby Cat
Night Elf- Great Horned Owl
Worgen- Gilnean Raven
Blood Elf - Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling
Goblin- Shore Crawler
Orc & Troll- Black Kingsnake
Tauren- Brown Prairie Dog
Undead- Undercity Cockroach
Pandaren- Jade Crane Chick

Even though your pet battle training is account wide, you can always go and see Audrey or Varzok on your alts and learn the pets for the other races. Almost every one of these pets is available at a vendor in or near the starting area of each race. The exceptions to this are the Worgen, the Goblins, and the Pandaren, probably due to the fact that their starting areas are phased and inaccessible after you leave.

You’ll only be able to start with one pet in your arsenal. My opinion is that you should start with either the Kingsnake or the Orange Tabby Cat.

The Kingsnake and the Orange Tabby are both beasts, and many of the level 1 pets you will come across are either critters or beasts. I prefer Stormwind because everything that you will encounter there is a critter; Orgrimmar, on the other hand, has beasts in the mix. It’s not bad to level in Orgrimmar, I’m just telling you which I prefer.

In order to choose the pet that you would like to battle, hit Shift + P. Your mount, toy, heirloom, and pet journal will come up at this point. On the bottom, you’ll see tabs that tell you what page you’re on. Go to your pet journal, which will look like this:

Pet battle

  1. This is your list of pets. This includes a search function, where you can find exactly what pet you’re looking for. You can use the filter to look for a pet from a specific family, the pet’s source, and you can sort by level, rarity, type, or name.
  2. This is where you look at the pet you have selected in your journal. It shows their pet family, how many hit points (HP) they have, their attack power, their speed, the abilities they have available, their rarity, and how many experience points (XP) they have (if not 25).
  3. This is your first battle slot. This will be the pet that comes out first in battle.
  4. This is your second battle slot, which isn’t opened until (figure out when)
  5. This is your third battle slot, which isn’t opened until (figure out when)
  6. You use this to go into the queue for a PvP pet battle.
  7. This is how you revive your pets. You can also earn bandages (which we’ll discuss in the “bags” part of the guide) and go to a stable master to revive your dead pets after battle.
Now that you know what pets you should be using at first, let's take a look at the anatomy of a battle. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

On the Road Again, Again, Again...

I don't know if I've been missed, but hey, here I am. The Achievement Warrior has achieved another month of silence! Gasp!

Anyway, part of it is due to my workload. Stuff has been crazy, so I'm going back to trying to blog about WoW at least once a week. Let me tell you what I've been up to as of recent.

- Working at Food Lion. I'm not... fond of my job. I don't hate it, but it's not the best job ever either. It's a job, it pays the rent. I've been doing better with freelancing lately, though, which means I'm making more money on a regular basis. In short, not broke anymore. But my back is sore. Ugh.

- Writing for a blog. A blog just launched that is for women, that I found a gig writing for and should be writing for on a regular basis. It's not launched yet, so I won't share it yet.

- Doing some social media work. The love of my life. I wish I could do social media work for all of my freelancing jobs, but, alas, I cannot. I spend a few hours every other week digging through funny, informative, newsworthy stuff for some Facebook pages to post. It's a sweet deal.

- Doing one of those mass article jobs. Yeah, they suck. Like, royally suck. But, it gives me some cushion income until I find other gigs to fill in the gap. I do this 3-4 days a week, but its money, right? Only a couple hours out of my day.

- Working on the Pet Battles eBook. This has been slowcoming with the end of Nim's semester. We hope to get it out this summer!

- Getting ready for a couple weddings this summer. Two of my best friends are getting married in July, and my Juhla's coming to visit. July is a busy, busy month and I'm getting ready for it.

- Getting ready for the end of the school year with the youth ministry. I made the end-of-year video with one of our seniors and I've just been getting other stuff prepped. Because of all the work I'm doing, I'm toning down how crazy busy I am with the youth ministry next year, so stay tuned for those changes.

Yup. Life's been really, really busy. Once school gets out, my time will definitely be more free - actually, starting this week, because our school-year meetings end on Wednesday. Anyway, expect more, weekly updates from me as time goes on. Until next time...

Well Met!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lore Rant Incoming - Thoughts on 5.3 Lore

Before you start reading this, if you don't want any spoilers on stuff that is coming up in 5.3 (and, subsequently, 5.4), don't read this. If you do, continue to read.

Another disclaimer - I bleed Alliance. Do I like the Horde? Absolutely, I think they're really cool (I love Tauren and Trolls the most). But if you ask me what faction I play, I'm for the Alliance. My favorite race is the Dwarves, followed closely by Worgen (done correctly, not that feral crap), and Night Elves. Look at most of the characters that I post pictures of; once in a blue moon you'll get a picture of one of my Tauren, but, overall, it's my Ally toons.

After reading that, I imagine that you already know what I'm going to approach: Yes, the datamined files about what is going on in Pandaria in regards to the Horde. And the siege of Orgrimmar that will be occurring in 5.4.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check it out.

Yes, Vol'jin is going to be kicking some major butt. And guess what? This is what I wanted. 

- Insert Alliance butthurt here-

Oh wait, that thread already did that. I forgot. Alliance whining and crying that "Oh, the Horde is getting the story again, isn't it terrible and horrible we never get good things." "Oh noes, Vol'jin's going to be doing this? This is horrible."

Shut up. Just, just shut up. For once. Get your head out of your butt and shut up. Last I checked, even though Tirion Fordring was a member of a neutral faction, last I checked, he was human. And, oh look, he's the one credited with taking down the Lich King.

So yes, Alliance, shut your mouths.

Yes, the Horde has done some really bad crap to the Alliance this expansion. But why in the world would it be legit to have VARIAN lead the force into Orgrimmar? Think about it. Yes, let's randomly siege Orgrimmar without the help and/or leadership of the Horde. Because that will go smoothly. As much as I know Alliance players would like to think that they're the United States and can walk in and be the Azerothian police and try to restore peace and such because they're so freaking amazing, right? Right? 

Yes, I just made a political statement. Go ahead, call me unAmerican. It's okay. I can take it.

To those Alliance players that are whining about this, it's perfectly logical in lore. Go do the "Dagger in the Dark" Scenario. See how badly Garrosh screwed Vol'jin over.

Here's a hint - he almost had him assassinated. Vol'jin got stabbed in the neck and probably should have died.

Wouldn't you be mad, Alliance? Or is it only justified when it's Alliance? 

But wait Fari, wait, Anduin almost got killed by Garrosh. Wait, wait, doesn't that give the Alliance credence to kill Garrosh? Absolutely! But why does it have to be Alliance lead? Once again, going into Orgrimmar without the support and backing of Horde leadership will only end poorly. 

And for those of you that said that Vol'jin stood by and let Garrosh kill the innocents in Theramore? Bullcrap. Yes, he was in on the initial assault, but he knew nothing of the mana bomb and was totally devastated when such a horrible thing happened to Theramore. Lives were lost and Vol'jin was at a loss. He and Baine were upset by the genocidal actions of their "warchief" (Source).

I can't wait for the Vol'jin book to come out so that we get more of this story, because I'd like to see what is going on behind the scenes. We just know the beginning of the outcome.

And on top of all that, I hope Vol'jin's the one to defeat Garrosh.

So, now that I'm done ticking off every Alliance player that reads my blog, what do you think? Do you think that it's a legit way to do the Siege on Orgrimmar? Or do you think I'm just a big fat jerk?

Well Met!