Saturday, August 25, 2012

Even More PvP: Battle for Gilneas Achievements!

Oh, how I hate thee, Battle for Gilneas. How I hate that Alliance doesn't know how to play you correctly. How I hate that you are basically a mini-Arathi that drives me absolutely bonkers. But alas, I need my victories, and therefore, I will play you for hours at a time whilst wanting to beat my head in.


Anyway, the Call to Arms for this weekend is my least favorite battleground, The Battle for Gilneas.

The Battle for Gilneas basics. Don't be a dummy. Really, this has... not a lot of strategy. I know there are some hardcore PvPers that will be like OH NO YOU"RE A NOOB. But come on, most of the BG is spent running around the triangle, capping the bases that aren't yours, trying to defend against numerous zergs. It's too freaking small to allow for any hardcore strategy. And it drives me crazy. The good news? If you're doing really poorly, it ends fairly quickly.

The part we care about, right? All the achievements.

Master of the Battle for Gilneas. The meta requires all of the following achievements in order to obtain. I, my friends, am no where close. Account wide achievements please...

Battle for Gilneas Victory/Battle for Gilneas Veteran. Winning is fun. Win once, you get the first achievement. Win it 100 times, you get the other.
Fari's Hot Tip: This weekend is Battle for Gilneas weekend. Take advantage! Goes till Monday.

Battle for Gilneas All-Star. This, in my opinion, should be easier than any other "All-Star" achievement. You just have to attack one base and defend one base. That's it. `````

Fari's Hot Tip: Sometimes, you will tick people off trying to get achievements. This is one of those times. Let that attacker get the flag, just so you can sneak up and defend it. Yeah, it's kind of jerky, but if you're having a hard time getting this achievement, it may not be a bad idea.

Battle for Gilneas Perfection/Newbs to Plowshares/Full Coverage. This is rough. For all of these, you basically have to have total control of the field. That doesn't happen often unless you're with a really good team/against a really bad one. I got the first two at the same time, which is usually how it happens.

Fari's Hot Tip: Grab 4 friends. Premade time! It's all about lucky. Also, for Full Coverage, remember, you have to have all three bases. You can't have one "almost capped."

Don't Get Cocky Kid/Jugger Not. These are both "cutting it close" achievements. One is overcoming a discrepancy of 500 or more, the other is winning by less than 100.

Fari's Hot Tip: Don't try for these, please. They're just a matter of luck. You'll get them eventually.

Double Rainbow. If you don't know the internet meme, please go watch this video and be educated. Anyway, there's a big old rainbow back behind waterworks. Jump on the rock on the bottom of the waterfall. The "zone" will change to "Beneath the Rainbow." Do /gasp. Get achievement.

Fari's Hot Tip: Do this if you're defending Waterworks with a couple of friends. Or if you're losing really badly and don't feel like getting ganked more.

One Two Three You Don't Know About Me/Bustin' Caps to Make It Haps. These require capping flags. Capturing lots and lots of flags.

Fari's Hot Tip: Be on the offensive. Make sure to be the person that's first out of the gate and getting Lighthouse or Mines (Alliance or Horde). Then just keep rolling. When I got it on Fari today, I went from Lighthouse right to Mines.

Not Your Average PuG'er/Out of the Fog. This involves lots and lots of defending. Defend flags by recapping them.

Fari's Hot Tip: Go on the offensive to help grab the second base that your team is going to get. Then, stay to defend that base (usually Waterworks). That's going to be the most contested base, and therefore give you the most opportunities to recap.

Battle for Gilneas Assassin. Basically, you need to kill 10 players on each base. Best part? You don't even need to touch them, they just have to count as honorable kills. And it has to be the same battle. I've gotten close to this, but haven't gotten it quite yet. Just keep trying!

Fari's Hot Tip. Kill. A lot of players. A lot of times. Fight on the flag so that your kills count as "being in the zone." You don't need to have the killing blow, it just has to count as an honorable kill. 

So, enjoy the Call to Arms weekend! Don't go too crazy or get too frustrated, like I am right now.... 8 queues and 7 losses is not fun.

I'm done for the week with my achievement posts, but that doesn't mean I'm done achievement hunting! I'll be back here on Monday with some more battleground achievements. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Well Met!

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