Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Impressions - 5.0.4

This morning, I woke up and did work. My life is exciting, isn't it? Anyway, I went to log on today at 2 PM (EST - 11 AM PST, which is how Blizzard posts stuff) and... oh look. Maintenance is moved to 1 PM (4 PM my local time).

Typical patch day, aye?

Update: 2:41 PM EST. Started working on the book I've been trying to write for the past 2 years but hadn't picked up for a year. Checked to see if servers were back up yet. Nope.

Update: 3:21 PM EST. Shut up don't judge me. I have ADHD and I must check WoW even before when they say the servers will be up because... I don't know. Don't judge me. And no, the servers aren't up yet. I also didn't sell my auctions on D3 yet. Yes, D3 is up. No, I don't know why. That's probably why my auctions aren't selling.

Update 3:34 PM EST. Helping Kia (my "big sister") with install issues. Why, Blizzard, do you make laptop play difficult. I think we figured out the answer, but we'll see. Still no servers up. But I do like the new loading screen; after seeing Sindragosa and Deathwing (both dark images) for the past couple of years, the fall scenery and bright colors are nice.

Update: 4 PM EST. Blizzard, you lie. Servers still aren't up. Going to read all the QQ on the forums 'cause it's funny. Oh, never mind. Looked it up and it says 2 PM now: 5 PM my time. Someday my WoW will come...

Update 4:30 PM EST. Made my grocery list for shopping tomorrow. Cause I need foods. HEY GUESS WHAT. Servers aren't up. But it is really entertaining to read all the QQ on the forums.

Update 5PM EST. After doing dishes, laundry, and vacuuming the floor, I thought the servers would be up. Maybe. I should know better, after 4.0.3. WHY AM I SUCH A FOOL. /goes to clean more. Server maintenance till 6 PM EST.

Update 6 PM EST. Aaaaaand they're up!

First thing I did was log on all of my characters to make sure all my mounts, pets, and achieves got listed across the board. Well, I tried to. Loading was slow and I shot up from 11220 achievement points last night to 11650 because of the 430 points worth of achievements I have on other toons. Stuff that I was excited about:

25k Honorable Kills. Just Rawr, okay.
- Not having to do Alterac Valley All-Star ever again cause my mage did it.
- Having 135 Mounts. Dang.

I dealt with pet stuff first. I have way too many of some pets. But, I can't cage pets yet. So wait, that means I can't get rid of the pets I have more than 3 of, which will result in them just disappearing at MoP? I don't know, I'll figure that out later.

Then, I dealt with all of my extra honor and JP and worked to almost full Cataclysmic. Which makes me very happy, since I'm PvPing a lot now. I have a couple missing pieces, but I'll get them in time.

Then, I looked at my 79 Hordie to see what she ended up with. She does have every mount available that isn't faction-specific, which is pretty cool. And she's got all of

After that, I went to Vel, my "main" druid (I have 4, shush). Because all of the wonderful glyphs. She's a scribe, and there's fun new minor glyphs. The one I'm most excited about? Glyph of the Stag and Orca. Been waiting for better travel forms.

Random complaint- My freaking bag addon needs to update. So does Auctionator. All the LUA errors.

Some other fun stuff, as I started to spec and such:

Warrior glyphs: For once, there's no clear-cut answer on glyphs. And I love the cosmetic stuff.

Angry moment: Moon Guard in our Outlands hurts my face.

Anyway, it's looking like I'm going to be taking a lot of time trying to learn all the new stuff. I should get back to it.

Well met, and enjoy patch day!

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