Monday, August 27, 2012

Guys... I'm an Altoholic!

From time to time, here on The Achievement Warrior, you will see me mention "my alts." I am a bit of an altoholic (also the name of my favorite add-on and a really great parody by Ember Isotle and Gack & Eidni.)  and I will fully admit that I know some classes better than others. I know some people who can play almost every class and it makes my head hurt. So, today, you get to meet... my alts.

First off, my main: Faridoon, a dwarf warrior. He's been my main through nerfs and buffs and patches and everything. I'm a big fan of dwarves in any lore, and I've played a melee class in every video game I've ever played, so a warrior was a natural choice for me. The only time he wasn't my raiding main was during 4.1, when my guild requested that I play a rogue. That rogue isn't on WrA with me, but still exists, in all the BiS 4.1 gear, on Dalaran. Fari is an herbalist/alchemist.

Another toon I play frequently is my Night elf druid, Veliya. Velly, as I call her, was my main RP toon until her story basically died. I won't get into that, it involves stupid and you're not here to hear about RP. Anyway, Velly is my "agility" druid, as I call her. She's feral/feral. And this was the first character that I wasn't terrified to tank on. I'm hoping I'll still be able to tank on her come Mists, and I may become my raid team's off-tank because of that. Which I'm cool with. Velly is a scribe (inscription)/herbalist.

My other toon that I had geared during the 4.3 era was my Night Elf mage, Orienda. With a funky a, cause I liked her name too much to change it. I... don't play ranged DPS much. I'm a bit clumsy and slow. So, therefore, she's arcane. Yes, I'm aware, arcane is two buttons. And yes, I'm aware, that makes me a noob. I tried fire, it had too many DoTs. Ori is a tailor/enchanter.

Now, the rest of my alts are there for RP purposes and/or professions. I don't really do much on them other than that.

Springshadow - Night Elf Rogue. Engineering/mining. I PvP on her sometimes, cause it's fun to PvP on a rogue.
Halya - Draenei Hunter. I've considered deleting her, because man, I hate playing a hunter. I'm going to try again in Mists, but if I still hate it? I'll probably delete her. Skinning/Leatherworking. Bank alt, basically right now.
Auddrey - Draenei Shaman. She's actually a character I've considering making a part of my "mains" (instead of Ori) in MoP, cause elemental shaman are awesome. Then I'd have a ranged that can heal, too, if necessary. Blacksmithing/mining. Why is my shaman blacksmithing? Because I didn't have one, okay? Don't judge meeee.
Rabee - Worgen priest. He's an RP character primarily, actually. I leveled him from 45 to 81 in a weekend. It made my head hurt, but that's what you can do with Alterac Valley weekend, friends. Lots of heirlooms, lots of levels. He's tailoring/enchanting too, only because i had him up to the 40's before I server transferred Ori.

You'll notice that I don't have a warlock or a paladin. I have two paladins on other servers, never got past level 60-something. I have a warlock on another server, he's like level 6. They're just two classes I have no interest in at all.

Anyway, that's all of my alts. Tomorrow, we're going to talk about Arathi Basin achievements... or I'll complain about the patch.

Don't forget that patch 5.0.4 comes out tomorrow. Here are some links that I've found useful in the transition.

MMO-Champion's 5.0.4 guide.
WoW Insider's 5.0.4 for all the classes!
Frostheim's hunter guide for 5.0.4
Blizzard's Survival Guide for 5.0.4
Icy Veins' Fury Warrior guide for 5.0.4

Enjoy patch day kids, and we'll see you back here tomorrow!

Well Met!

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