Friday, August 31, 2012

Oops... Disappeared Due to 5.0.4

The patch didn't only kill your add-ons, your frame rates, your patience, and your LFR queue on Morchok, it also killed Fari while she was trying to figure stuff out. I am someone who really likes to figure out my class as quickly as possible after a patch drops... I feel like I did a pretty good job, especially because Warriors are pretty sweet right now.

More random thoughts about 5.0.4....

- I did a bit of PvP. Oh, PvP. Once I got myself resituated, I realized that some of my my old nemeses are no longer annoying me as badly. In particular: Blood DK's, mages, and hunters. The improved mobility talents that I've gotten helped against the latter too, and did Blood DK's get nerfed? But, there are a couple new friends: Enhancement shaman (still faceroll me in BG's), Unholy DK's, and... warlocks. Warlocks are just broken OKAY?

- I don't play a paladin. But it freaking felt like it for the first 20 minutes of trying to relearn my rotation. Of course, then I realized it didn't default to the last stance I'd used... that helped. Anyway, still felt like a paladin because I'm not used to doing rage that way... I was used to everything I did generating rage; now it doesn't always. Don't judge me! I was still pulling lousy DPS on the test dummies... then I did a little research.

- I ran LFR to test my numbers because the test dummy was wrong. You see, Blizzard upgraded the "Raid Test Dummies" to MoP levels.... so no wonder I was pulling 12k on it! Level 85 vs. a Level "93"? Yeah. Not working. Anyway, I decided to go LFR, to get a better idea of what Fari's numbers looked like when he was fully buffed and whatnot. I didn't get any hits on Morchok because my addons hated me. I think I had to disconnect and turn off different things 3 times before I got it to stop giving me 1 fps (I have a high-end computer, so it wasn't anything hardware, it was all addons). Anyway, got to Zon'ozz (ping pong) and started wailing at him... and was 3rd or 4th on DPS. Now, I'm usually in the top 5 in LFR (full normal tier gear, most best in slots for a normal raider), but I was pulling 10k more than I was last week. Changing specs (back to fury baby!) and all the new stuff? 10k difference? Wow. My LFR group was in 5's; the top 5 were all above 30k, the second group was between 22 and 27, and the third group was 17-22. Then the couple stragglers at 12k, but that's whatever. Went to Yor'sahj, pulled closer to 40k. I was pulling 50k on LFR Deathwing pre-patch... I really need to see my numbers in there today.

I got from 300 short of honored to exalted with my guild in 3 days. You want to get exalted? Just go do dailies. The cap on dailies and guild rep are gone, take advantage of it. I don't want to do anymore dailies, but hey, they're done, right? And my guild got the Dark Phoenix (I can get United Nations by myself).

- I checked out some of the account-wide achievements.Some of them are pretty fun: maxing multiple professions, getting a Horde and an Ally toon to max level, getting multiple classes to max level... I guess that means I'll eventually have to get a paladin and a warlock to max level if I want those achievements! Ew. Not looking forward to that.

- My profession-based mounts are account-wide... sort of. This was unexpected. Like really, really unexpected. Why? Because I thought they wouldn't be. But today I was mining on my rogue on Wyrmrest,  and I used GupPet to get a random mount. It put me in the engineering mount; now, my rogue on WrA is an engineer, so that wasn't odd. But I never made the mounts on her! They were on my Engineer on Dalaran! So, that was a pleasant surprise.

- I want WIM back. I miss WoW Instant Messenger, also known as WIM. They haven't updated it yet. I've sent so many mistells in the past couple of days... yeah, I just want it back. So please, addon people, fix WIM.

So, that's about all I have to say about 5.0.4 thus far. I'll probably have more stuff to complain about eventually. I'll share some more achievement hunting and such tomorrow and into next week.

Well Met!

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