Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On the Road Again...

So, after these efforts of trying to make a WoW blog again and again, this time, we're going to see if I can truly pull it off. I just have to write every day for once, or at least a few times a week.

Let's start with some good old introductions. My name's Marti, but for the sake of this blog, I'll let you know me as Fari. My main character is Faridoon on Wyrmrest Accord and, as you can see, he's a Dwarf warrior. I initially created Fari on Darkspear with my best friend and her husband; then, we moved to Dalaran, and now, we're on Wyrmrest Accord (RP-PvE server). The last move was initiated by me; I became excited about RP about a year and a half ago, and haven't turned back.

To the RP community on Wyrmrest, I'm Professor Faridoon Stoneshatter of the Explorer's League, a grumpy old dwarf who tells of his stories of helping every faction that you can think of over the past 160-some years of his life.

I'm also a raider, you see. I'm not a hardcore by any stretch of the imagination; I just finished normal Dragon Soul (10 man) about a month or so ago. I just enjoy seeing end-game content and raiding with friends.

I've stuck with WoW for so long because I have some major issues with social anxiety. I'll put that out straight away; I may talk about it on occasion as well. It's a huge part of my life that has stopped me from doing a lot of things that I would like to do. But, WoW and other online interactions have helped me to break those social barriers and move forward in my life in tiny, tiny ways. Baby steps, ya know?

But I'm an achievement junkie... an achievement warrior, if you would. I love trying to get all the achievements that I can. On Fari, at the time of writing this article, I have 11280 achievement points on him. That number will change with account-wide achievements in the next expansion, Mists of Pandaria,

This blog was created from an idea. You see, there are all kinds of websites out there that can tell you how to do achievements. I'm a huge fan of The Overachiever column on WoW Insider; it's been a huge help in helping me with my achievement addiction. I read it almost religiously, looking at tips and tricks for doing a myriad of achievements in a variety of ways.

The other day, I was running around working on my Tol Barad dailies, one, because I recently switched guilds and need guild rep, and two, because the Fox Kit is going to be 200 tokens from the vendor when patch 5.0.4 hits next Tuesday. I run around wearing my most prized title: The Insane. Someone decided to ask me about it, and I sat there for about an hour talking to that person.

I mentioned this interchange to my friend who I was doing said dailies with. Her response? A suggestion to make a blog about my misadventures in getting World of Warcraft achievements. I'm a professional blogger (please check out the other blogs I write for: Money Thinking, Money Walks, and Sleepy Blogger) and so it's not anything new. I've also considered writing an ebook.

The blog will be slow going at first; there's not a lot of achievements that I have left to get on Fari, and I want to write this blog as I'm getting achievements. So, when I make my Panda rogue, he will be the character that I focus on getting all these achievements on.

So, hang on, enjoy the ride, and let's rock out at getting these achievements.

Also, if there are any achievements that you would like to see me review on here, let me know!

Well met!

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