Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Strand of the Ancients Achievements, Part 1

I've been PvPing a lot with my new guildies lately. I've always really liked PvP; I started on a PvP server (... okay, I'll admit that I didn't like it there) then ended up on a PvE server. Soon, I started messing around on BG's when I wasn't doing PvE stuff... and found a lot of love for it.

It's gotten to the point where, I'm leveling alone, a lot of my leveling involves PvP. Good tip: If you want some of the more difficult PvP achievements (I'm looking at you, Alterac Valley All-Star), leveling through BG's makes it easier than trying to do them at 85. I've gotten a majority of my PvP achievements (like... Alterac Valley All-Star on my mage) while leveling via PvP.

Why is it easier? Honestly, because you're not always dealing with people who are as good as or better than you are. Battlegrounds are tough as is, but you're pretty much on a level playing field in terms of gear (except twinks). Skill, on the other hand, varies greatly. A lot of people realize that BGs with heirlooms are a quick way to level, so you end up with some people who have no idea what they're doing.

Yesterday, I decided it was a good day to PvP on my rogue. In the process, we got Strand of the Ancients. This is not one of my favorite battlegrounds to get, except for the fact that its usually pretty quick if your team is horribad.

Basic run down of Strand of the Ancients. Strand of the Ancients is a high-speed zerg style battleground. Players use demolishers (large vehicles) to attempt to work their way up the strand by breaking down walls and getting to the relic chamber. The first attacker sets the time for the defender to have to beat. For example, if the Horde is attacking first and they reach the relic chamber in 6 minutes, the timer for the Alliance when they attack is 6 minutes. If the Horde attacks first but doesn't get to the relic chamber, the Alliance would then have the full 10 minutes that the Horde had to get to the relic chamber.

As with every battleground, there is a series of achievements available in Strand of the Ancients.

Master of Strand of the Ancients. As of right now, I've not achieved this on any character, only because I haven't PvP'd enough. All of the achievements below are required for this meta.

Strand of the Ancients Victory/Strand of the Ancients Veteran. A victory is common sense. Veteran, like with every other veteran achievement, requires a lot of patience and a lot of failed battles. Fari is my furthest along, with 18 wins, but I haven't put a conscious effort into doing it yet.

Fari's hot tip: Queue with five friends. You are then 1/3 of the people on your team, and if you're communicating, you have a better chance of winning.

Ancient Protector/ Ancient Courtyard Protector. The good thing about this achievement is that it hits even if you aren't physically attacking people (so yes, BG healers, you can get it too!). With Ancient Protector, you have to nail 10 people in one round- this usually isn't too hard, especially if they've gotten the Yellow Gate down.

Fari's hot tip: When defending, allow the attacking team to cap the southern graveyard. This will result in your team resurrecting right inside the yellow (top) gate, and thus create a bottleneck effect, making 10 kills an easy accomplishment.

Steady Hands. This isn't as hard as it sounds. Basically, you have to disarm two bombs in one battle.

Fari's hot tip: This is easiest to do on a character that can stealth. I do have the achievement on Fari, but it took a lot of CC/stuns to make sure I got it. I got it on my rogue last night because a Hordie would drop their bomb and run off, not seeing me. As soon as they turned away, I went and disarmed the bomb. Also, you are more likely to get it at the relic chamber gate, because that is the place that many attackers will attempt to drop bombs.

Storm the Beach. Get the relic in 4 minutes or less. This takes speed, coordination, and quite a bit of luck.

Fari's hot tip: This... involves patience. And a lot of booking it. I've done it several times on several toons; it usually works best if you can coordinate all of the vehicles going to one gate and just booking it up. Lots of friends with lots of crowd control also helps. I've found that this achievement is much easier to get in the lower brackets; Fari was 85 when he got it, but most of my other toons were in the early stages of being able to go into the BG (65-75).

This is obviously only half of the achievements that are available for the Strand of the Ancients. I'll share the rest with you tomorrow!

Well met!

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