Saturday, September 29, 2012

And Now at 90...

I'm tired today, but that's because I haven't been sleeping too well this week. Tuesday messed up my schedule pretty hardcore, but it was totally worth it.

Best thing about today? About 5 minutes ago, I dinged 90. I was so excited!

I'm someone who enjoys every aspect of the game. From PvP to PvE to achievements (of course!) to now pet battles. But I know a lot of the game opens up at level 90. End game is just how Blizzard designed things. And there are a lot of things that really intrigue me about end game. Here are a few of them I'm looking forward to now that I'm level 90!

Dailies. I love doing dailies. As long as they aren't stupidly meaningless tasks (I hate killing 9283981293 things every day. Really.), I enjoy them. I'm doing the cooking dailies at Halfhill as we speak. Tillers rep, gogo!

... Reputation Grinds. Speaking of Tillers rep... I really, really like grinding reputations... like a lot. I'm 2-3 weeks away from being exalted with the Hydraxian Waterlords. I worked on Insane in the Membrane for months and got it earlier this year. And when I heard that we were going back to the old Burning Crusade style of doing reps... yeah, I was kind of pumped. I want to do more than wear a tabard to get rep.

Dungeons and Raids. I do RP, yes, but friends, at heart, I'm a raider. I love raids. I'm not a hardcore raider in any sense of the word, but I'm a "casual progressor." I made that up. But I'm a casual raider who likes to get through content and try heroics if I can; that's probably the best way to explain it.

Arenas and BG's. PvP, my love. I have no idea why I started liking PvP; I think I got bored a couple times and started queuing. But max level is where stuff gets thrown down. I was on an arena team in Cataclysm, but it was casual 2's. We're going to start a 2's and a 3's team in my guild, I believe. And we're starting RBG's a few weeks in for fun. I'm quite excited that I found a guild where people like casual PvP as much as I do.

Anyway, yeah. I should probably get back to those Tillers dailies.

Enjoy Pandaria!

Well Met!

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  1. Oh muh gerd Fari!! Congratulations on 90!

    Personally, I'm not much of an achievement grinder- I'm too focused on PVE and RP- but I have to agree with you on these new daily quests. I've always loooaaathed dailies, but... these ones are kiiinda fun... and as much disdain as I felt for 'OMFG FARMVILLE IN WOW SIIIIGH' now I find myself... strangely... compelled... hnnnghhh must resist........

    Anyway, point is, GRATZ ON 90! May the grinding begin!