Thursday, September 27, 2012

And Now That Pandas Have Launched....

Okay, I'll be the first to admit. I liked Cataclysm. Note that I didn't necessarily love Cata, I just liked it. Dragon Soul was a letdown because I did Lich King at level... heck, I did Lich King at 85 on heroic and it was still hard. We're going to faceroll normal at 90.

But Mists of Pandaria?

Blizzard, you have captured my heart. How in the world did you make such an amazing expansion?

Sadly, I did not get realm first Zen Master Archaeology. Thankfully, it went to another Dwarf, unlike Cata where I got beat out by a Tauren. I was three solves short. THREE. I got caught up in some 87-88 zones and was getting beat up by mobs a lot, and I got 2 rares in the middle... why in the world did Blizzard make rares only 3 points too? Had the rares not come up, I would have been first by a long shot. Instead, I missed it by 20 minutes. Oh well; I tried really freaking hard and almost got it.

But let me tell you, after those three hours (which is why I'm not horribly upset; if it had been something I'd been working for 12+ hours on, I would have been livid), I was glad to be able to enjoy Pandaria.

The starting zone was absolutely obnoxious at first. There was a queue for the first quest... that was the best thing ever (not). So, I'm glad I took those first three hours to do something different. Then, I went to bed for awhile, came back refreshed (and less disappointed) and got to doing other things... the starting area wasn't as crowded, and I found that I enjoyed the quest lines. The lag was starting to give me a headache, so I decided to go do something different...

Pet battles.

I was a teenager during the Pokemon era. And I will admit... I loved Pokemon so very much. It was something that I did with my friends constantly, and I was quite good at it. So, when Pet Battles were announced for MoP I was beyond ecstatic. Blizzard, you did not disappoint! I absolutely love them. My current team is made up of a Celestial Dragon, a Clockwork Gnome, and... a spot I keep switching stuff out for. Currently, It's a Tiny Shale Spider, but I can't make up my mind as to what I want there.

Also, if you're pet battling? Compare how many hit points the pets you're capturing have. If it's more than the same pet you have, it's possibly better quality. For example, if you have a level 2 common-quality Squirrel in your pet journal that has 151 hit points, and you are in a pet battle where you see one with 178 hit points, catch it (you can have up to three of any pet in your pet journal). That pet will likely be uncommon or even rare. There are poor, common, uncommon, and rare pets, and their stats are better if they're uncommon or rare. I've caught 5 rare pets thus far.

By Tuesday night I was 86 (I'd gotten halfway before I went to pet battling for awhile). By yesterday afternoon I was 87. I plan to be 90 on Saturday. Three of my guildies hit 90 last night... psychos. I love my guildies.

On Tuesday night I went to the Valley of the Four Winds and I got to the Tillers. Yes, Farmville. But let me tell you friends, it's actually really, really fun to have my own crop and stuff. You get four little plots to grow things.

Also, the cooking area? Absolutely nuts. As someone who really enjoys secondary professions (I love collecting all of the cooking recipes and stuff; pre-MoP, I had every recipe except Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops.), this area  is absolutely epic. So much fun stuff to do and fun people to meet and recipes to learn and... yeah.

I kind of can't wait to find The Anglers. Not going to lie.

Anyway, yeah. Today and tomorrow I have meetings to interrupt my leveling and exploring, but that's okay. I need breaks every once in awhile, even if they're forced.

Notice I didn't give any spoilers; I know I have readers that haven't started stuff yet, and I want them to see the epicness in the storylines for themselves.

See you in Pandaria!

Well Met!

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