Saturday, September 1, 2012

Isle of Conquest Weekend!

Okay, I know I'm in the minority, but I really like Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley. I enjoy having PvE elements in my PvP. I enjoy having set goals to go for. Maybe it's because I'm Alliance and 9/10 times we can't win the PvP-based battlegrounds between the hours of 3 PM and 11 PM.

And maybe it's just because, even though I enjoy PvP, I'm not the best at it.

Anyway,  I'm working toward my 100 wins this weekend, hopefully I can get it! I'm shooting for about 25 a day. Yeah, it's a lot. But it's Labor Day weekend! I didn't get 25 yesterday, so I'm playing catchup to make sure I hit 50 today. No plans or travel for me for Labor Day... yeah, I need a life. Shush.

Basics of Isle of Conquest. From what I understand, there are two ways to win. One for Horde (which I haven't played a ton) one for Alliance. Get the docks if you're Alliance (you do get there faster) or kill the glaives and get the hangar if you're Horde. It's a zerg, like AV. If you end up with the workshop, get the refinery and the quarry to help your siege damage and durability.

And, the part we all wait for... the achievements! (I'm lazy, so I'm only showing Alliance. The Horde equivalents are under the "see also" on the WoWhead page).

Master of Isle of Conquest. Out of all the metas, this is probably the least of a headache. It doesn't take a ton of skill to get it done, just a lot of queuing and a lot of "right circumstances." It requires all of the following achievements, except Isle of Conquest All-Star, which is surprising (but a happy surprise!) And, you get a shiny tabard!

Isle of Conquest Victory/Isle of Conquest Veteran. This is the weekend to work on this one friends, especially if you're Alliance. For some reason, it'll likely go faster for Alliance. The PvE/PvP hybrids seem to go better for Alliance in general.

Four Car Garage. Nice and easy. Make sure you've driven all of the vehicles involved: Glaive Thrower, Catapult, Siege Engine, and Demolisher. Just make sure you know how to drive them, silly person.

Fari's Hot Tip. Wait a few BG's if you've never done IoC before. See how people use them and then go for them yourselves.

Back Door Job/A-bomb-ination. Get in the backdoor, and use 5 of the bombs in order to help blow down the gate. Sounds easy enough, right?

Fari's Hot Tip. I got these two at the same time. Use a catapult or the airship from the hangar to fly into the enemy keep. Run bombs. Profit.

Cut the Blue Wire... No the Red Wire! You have to disarm a total of 25 bombs (not in one battle, that would be insane). They can be any type of bomb, as long as they're a bomb.

Fari's Hot Tip. When I decide to try this (probably this weekend), I'm going to do it on my rogue or my druid (yay account wide achievements). You die less, and you get to stealth around without people noticing. I'll probably do it sometime tomorrow.

Glaive Grave. Kill 10 people, without dying, using a glaive thrower.

Fari's Hot Tip. I haven't done this yet, but I hope to this weekend. Easier for Alliance than Horde, since Alliance usually grabs the docks. But, its hard to grab a glaive, since there are only 2. Grab docks, grab a glaive, and faceroll everyone trying to kill your glaive. That's it!

Resource Glut/Mine. These go hand in hand, because Resource Glut is a "stepping stone" to Mine, because they share requirements. For Resource Glut, you need both of the "resource" bases: Refinery and Quarry. For Mine, you need Quarry, Refinery, Docks, Workshop, and the Hangar. I've only seen it a few times at max level, I believe I got it on a different character at a lower level.

Fari's Hot Tip. As of 4.3, this was buggy as heck. No updates as to whether or not it's fixed. Cap everything and anything you can.

A-bomb-inable. Similar to A-bomb-ination, but instead, you're using regular saronite bombs.

Fari's Hot Tip: These can be found at the Workshop, which makes it really hard at max level for Alliance. I may have to wait till Pandaria, while I'm leveling a character, to get this one.

Mowed Down. Kill 100 players and 10 vehicles on a turret. Turrets are located on the east and west front towers of your team's keep.

Fari's Hot Tip: This is my big goal for the weekend, and it's a pain. Not because of the player kills; I'm currently at 94. The issue is the vehicles. You can be wailing on a vehicle, but if you don't get the vehicle kill, it doesn't count. The game where I finally got two vehicles was because I was the only one on a turret. Be patient, it will come.

All Over the Isle. Kill a player at workshop, hangar, docks, Horde Keep, and Ally Keep.

Fari's Hot Tip: Run around on offense. Go to cap flags and kill people on the way.

Demolition Derby. Kill each of the vehicles (Demolisher, Glaive Thrower, Catapult, and Siege Engine).

Fari's Hot Tip: Just kill them when you see them. Get hits on them; you don't necessarily need the killing blow like you do for some of the other achievements. Wrong! You do, which has been the bane of my existence today. Doesn't have to be in the same battle either.

Isle of Conquest All-Star. In one round, you need to assault a base, defend a base, kill a player and kill a vehicle.

Fari's Hot Tip: Easier than other "All Star" achievements (I'm looking at you Alterac Valley), but still takes deliberate timing and a few attempts. Keep trying!

So, there you have it. All you wanted to know about getting the Isle of Conquest achievements. I'll be seeing you there; I'm the annoying dwarf nailing the vehicles in hopes of getting a couple down for Mowed Down.

Well Met!

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