Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oops... Where has the Warrior been?

On a rogue.


I think I've shared on here before that I'm a bit of an altolholic (read that correct. ALT. Love my alts).  The issue is, I'm full up on WrA. I have 8 Alliance toons, 1 Horde toon, and two spots saved for Pandas (a male pandaren rogue and a female pandaren monk). I was so glad they were adding an 11th spot, otherwise I wouldn't get to play my ridiculous looking rogue.

So wait a minute, why did I make this guy then?  This guy is Oddr (prounced Ode-door - the name means "dark" in Nordic). And let me tell you a story... a story of the second account that I own but rarely ever keep active or play on.

Last winter I was in the process of switching my main server from Dalaran (PvE-US) to Wyrmrest Accord (RP-US). My best friend and her husband were on a hiatus from the game and I was going to where I had gotten into doing RP.

I couldn't afford to move all of my 85's. A friend of mine moved two of my toons for Christmas (my mage and Fari), but I had to get a few more toons going. So, I had this great idea. It was around Christmas, and Classic/Burning Crusade was on sale for $10. I bought it, referred myself and got a second account so that I could dual box and power level a couple of toons.

After the initial month free (from buying BC/Classic), I let the account die out. It had served its purpose, and I didn't want to spend the money to keep the thing going. I forgot about it... until...

The Scroll of Resurrection.

When they changed the Scroll of Resurrection program around, the initial craze was automatically leveling a character to 80, server transferring it and faction changing it to your friend's faction for free. It also upgraded your account to Cataclysm.

I totally took advantage of this for my second account. I made and moved a character from one of my old servers to my new server (so I could move heirlooms), upgraded the account to Cataclysm for free and

So I got a full account for $10. I believe, my friends, that that is a total win. Anyway, in preparation for Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard has been offering inactive accounts a free week of game time.

I nosed around on my guild's roster to see what race/class combination we had absolutely none of in the entire guild for the Stay Classy achievement. So yes friends, I am achievement hunting! Just... a guild achievement. Anyway, I discovered that yes, the only race/class combination that wasn't in the guild was.... a dwarf rogue. So I made it my personal goal to try and get a dwarf rogue from 1 to 85 within 7 days.

It's day 5 of my expedition and there's server maintenance. Why Blizzard, why. Anyway, I logged off at 11 PM last night and Oddr was level 61. My goal for today is 70 (which is going to be hard cause I've got a busy day), tomorrow is 80 or better, and then I plan to grind all the way to 85 on Thursday before 8 PM, when my free week is up. This is possibly the most difficult thing that I've ever done... and rogues aren't as easy to level as they used to be.

Couple of observations from leveling a rogue.

- I miss Shadowstep. I just got it last night, and I'm not even sure I'll keep it. I used to get this at level 15, and it increased mobility (and one-shots from Ambush!), and now I have to wait till level 60. Going to try a few PvP's with it, but I may switch it out... I was beating the crap out of people with Ambush without Shadowstep.

- Maybe I shouldn't have leveled subtlety. Sub... sucks now. Yes, the increased Ambush awesomeness is, well, awesomeness, but I'm not as excited about it as I used to be. I'm going to finish out sub, I think, unless I start struggling to kill stuff with it, but I may do combat or assassination on the panda rogue that I'll be making in MoP.

- Heirlooms help you level crazy fast. 1-61 in as little time as I've had over the past few days is brought to you by heirlooms. Full heirlooms + guild bonus = overpowered. Thank you.

Do you think I'm crazy? I've heard of people doing such things in less time, so I feel like I'm being a bit slow. I know for a fact that I'm in the worst part of the slog, so hopefully I can knock it out quickly and with as little pain as possible.

Well Met!

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