Monday, September 17, 2012

Personal Goals: Pre and Post MoP

Before you ask, because of life complications and also, stupid maintenance on Tuesday, I was unable to get Oddr to 85. I got him to just under 75 before my free week of time ran out on my second account. 

It's almost that time friends. Yes, a week from tomorrow, World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria comes out. And let me tell you, I'm really freaking excited about it. 

I tried to start writing this doing LFR to try and get a second Gurglethak (yes, I'm aware that that's not the name, but come on. Gurgle is funny) for fury for giggles. I got impaled. Don't ask me how I got impaled, but I did. And I died. And we also wiped. Awesome.

Anyway, MoP is next week. And I'm ready to roll with most of my "to-do" list being finished and a new one for MoP ready to roll. 

Here was my list of things I wanted to get done before MoP:

- Get 125+ mounts. - Accomplished back in July, I think when I got the Swift White Hawkstrider off of Kael'thas. 
- Get every pet that I could currently get in-game. Still missing a few. Most of the whelplings and a couple of hatchlings are all I need now. This doesn't count TCG or Blizzard pet store pets. 
- Break 11k achievement points - I actually did this before account-wide achievements dropped.
- Break 12k achievement points - Still trying to get there. I'm at 11720. I'm okay with not hitting this goal. 
- Finish Insane in the Membrane -  Finished this in May, thankfully. After a lot of time wasted trying to get it. And yes, I did everything the old way, even though I never finished the Shen'dralar part before they took it out. 
- Finish Dragon Soul (normal)- My raid group in my last guild was disorganized and we had a lot of internal problems, sadly. This resulted in it taking us a long time to start Dragon Soul. Even with the nerfs, it also took us a lot of time to finish because we could never get people two weeks in a row. Finally, I said "forget this" saved up to Ultraxion on my mage one week, and we finished it the next in like an hour, when it was almost August. This won't happen in my new guild, thankfully. 
- Get over 100k gold. I made a lot of gold off of selling Vials of the Sands. Legitimately. Now, you see, that market died when all of the duped Sands of Time started coming up. A combination of that and Choppers got me to 125k when I was at my highest. Then, a couple birthdays happened in a row and I got friends lots of pets and mounts for their birthdays. I've hovered around 100-110k ever since. That'll go away when MoP hits. 

So, it's a week before MoP and I'm missing two things that shouldn't be too hard to do. I may drop the money to get the last couple whelplings if I can find them for a good price, and I'll PvP and quest this week to try and get the last 280 achievement points. 

I've also got a list of goals for when MoP drops next week. They include, but are not limited to:

- Getting Realm First! Zen Master Archaeology. I tried to get this in Cataclysm, and, no lie, I was an hour and a half short. I will be staying up all night when MoP launches in an attempt to get those 75 points as quickly as I can. Being a Dwarf should definitely help, but a freaking Tauren beat me last time, so we'll see. 
- Getting one of every class to 90. I currently have everything to 85 but a warlock and a paladin, and obviously, a monk because they aren't out yet. I... have no interest in playing a warlock or a paladin, but for the sake of this goal, I will be getting every class to 90... 
- Getting every profession to 600. I actually currently have every profession to 525, so this isn't going to be horrible Part of the reason I'm doing it is because it's nice to be self-sufficient, but the other half is that 
- Pandapanda. I have plans for 2 pandas in the works. One is a female Pandaren monk (because red panda with TAIL), and the other is a male Pandaren rogue, because it's simply too funny to pass up. 
-  15k achievement points. Yes, this is a big goal, but I think I'll be able to knock it out of the park fairly quickly. I'll let you know if and when that happens. 

What are your pre-MoP and post-MoP goals? Do you have anything crazy you wanna try to do before the patch? Share some comments and conversation! 

Well Met!

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