Monday, September 24, 2012

Twas the Day Before Pandaria

Twas the day before Pandaria and all through the land
Not a creature was stirring, not even old Brann.
Trade chat did their trolling in Stormwind with such care
With hope that Chen Stormstout would soon be there.

The nerds were all sleeping and snug in their beds
Even though the sun was high over their heads.
I sit at my computer, and write you this rhyme
But after a while, it'll be my sleepy time.

The Dwarves were all singing and drunk in the inn
While tales of new brews rumored 'round their kin.
Varian in his throne room, and Baine in his tent
Had no idea where they were about to be sent.

Orgrimmar was ablaze with confusion and rumors
What else do you expect from Blizzard's consumers?
Release time, where's my patch, and other questions abound
But it wouldn't be trade chat without Thunderfury around

Last minute questing and final preparations
Why don't you go to bed, or go to your vocations?
Not like I can talk, I'm online too
Reading the forums and laughing at blues

Alchemy and herbing and mining and inscription
Fighting for cross-realm nodes causing some a conniption
Getting that last character to max or just doing PvP
Wasting lots of time doing dungeons and achieves.

Reading the min-maxxers and learning new stats
While fishing in the Dalaran sewer for a rat
Speaking of rats, I can't wait for pet fights.
All this excitement will keep me up all night!

So as I start getting ready to go to bed
With visions of pandas dancing in my head.
An all-nighter is planned, and it's ready to roll.
But getting a good "night's" sleep is my current goal 

I am glad that you stayed awake to hear my tale
Because soon to Pandaria, we'll indeed sail.
Where Horde and Alliance will clash to be best.
But at least for right now... I need my nerd rest.

(With those words, I'm going to lay down for a bit, because I'm totally planning on an all-nighter! Get your rest, fellow nerds, and I will see you in Pandaria!)