Monday, October 1, 2012

Walking with the Lorewalkers

I'm a World of Warcraft lore nut. That's probably why I like roleplay so much; I enjoy the stories and the information behind all of the races and wars and everything in between. So when I heard that this new expansion was going to have a faction that was all about the lore? Yeah. I was jumping all over that as soon as I could.

From the minute that I ran into Lorewalker Cho in the Jade Forest, I realized that he was an absolutely epic character. A wise old man who likes to tell stories, who reads the scrolls and tells of the wisdom within them. He's truly a really cool character who has his tale told throughout Pandaria. I won't spoil any more than that, but seriously, you see him all over the place.

Anyway, I decided to go for the Lorewalkers reputation tonight, because I heard it wasn't an incredibly difficult task and it took only a couple hours. I'd been doing a lot of questing and dailies as of recent, so really, it was nice to do something a bit different.

It's true by the way. If you do it yourself, it takes about 2-3 hours. Also, if you get a bunch of texts in between, which is all the distracting, but perfectly fine! If you use mods that take you to different places, then it takes a little over an hour. This guide is the best one that I found for getting Lorewalker rep. It makes the stories a bit disjointed, but when you do the quests to listen to Cho's stories makes it a lot more clear.

Edit: If you're someone that prefers visual queues over the coordinates, check out the WoWhead link to the Lorewalkers, and look at a pair of comments from randomwowguy (they were 4th and 5th comments down when I looked, but you may just have to look). That really helped some people I knew.

I seriously enjoyed the whole endeavor. Here were some of my highlights:

The storylines. Literally, each of the scrolls that I found had a bit of story in them. The stories felt a little disjointed, like I said above, but they make sense in the end. Finding the scrolls was like going on a treasure hunt, and I found a little bit of each treasure each time I found a scroll. Maybe I'm a nerd. I don't know. I just really liked the whole lore hunt thing.

Loremaster Cho telling stories. If nothing else makes this whole trek worth it, it's this. Loremaster Cho takes 2-3 minutes to tell you a story, and it's more than telling! I'll let you wait and check it out in order to see exactly how cool the storytelling is, but between his voice and the epic way that he goes about storytelling, the half hour I spent listening to stories made this totally worth it! You also find out some really interesting facts about the Jinyu and the Lizard-men that I can't remember the name of right now.

The scenery. Goodness, I love flying around Pandaria. Blizzard took out all the stops when it came to the design of Pandaria, friends. I'm glad I was forced to ride through it until 90, but seeing it from above is just as awesome. A beautiful new world that's not absolutely terrorized by war and fighting... well, yet, at least, right?

So, if you have a few hours one night and you want to get a really cool mount and access to archaeology stuff and whatnot? Take the time to do the Lorewalkers stuff. It doesn't get you anything for raiding, but it is fun and interesting, especially if you're nutty about the lore like me!

Well Met!

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