Monday, October 22, 2012

A General Announcement for my Followers...

First off, thank you for being absolutely amazing people and sending my blog from 5-6 views a week to 17-25 views a day! I was really anxious about being able to get followers on my blog, Thankfully, I have been blessed with a crew of people who enjoy reading my rants and rambles, and I've even been told that I give useful information from time to time! Who would have thought!

I'm about to hit the 1,000 views mark, and I'm really excited to share with you that I now have a Twitter (I'm really bad at Tweeting on a regular basis, so, help me to get a conversation started!) and a Facebook page for The Achievement Warrior. So, like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, talk to me, I want to get to know the people who are following my blog and enjoying what I have to say!

Also, if you have any suggestions or thoughts on stuff that you want to see on the blog, feel free to contact me at or post questions or whatever on Twitter/Facebook. I am listening, and I want to interact with all of you more!

Well Met!

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