Thursday, October 11, 2012

Distracted by Pandas!

Yes, I'm aware that I've been quiet for a few days. Sadly, this is the way of the elusive blogger. We get distracted by all of the shiny things and then forget that we're supposed to be informing the community about said shiny things. So, we're going to take today and share a few of the things that have been taking my attention away from blogging and telling you guys interesting stories.

I love Pandaria. Love it. Absolutely freaking love Pandaria. And because of that, I've been immersed in it. I  probably play more than I should (yeah, I'm an addict when it comes to the beginning of an expac), but I absolutely adore this one. Friends, I believe that Blizzard really outdid themselves with this game. From the beautiful landscapes, to the great tabards (I added the Order of the Cloud Serpent Tabard to the pile of tabards in my bank today - I'll do a guide on that tomorrow or Saturday), the sweet armor and immersing questlines... yeah. I think it's the best ever.

Holy crap dailies. SO MANY DAILIES. Finally don't have to do the Order of the Cloud Serpent ones on Fari anymore, and I don't have a second 90 yet (my druid, Veliya, is 88; my rogue, Springshadow, is 87. Everyone else is still derping around at 85), so I get a break from that set. Honestly, I really don't mind dailies at all, and a lot of them are really fun! Anglers are actually my favorite; they're quick and involve fun activities like spear-fishing and blowing up sting rays.

I love my druid. Speaking of not having a second 90 yet, my closest is my druid. And I am absolutely loving the druid changes. Some of them I was really unsure of (I was a big fan of playing a bearcat before they separated Guardian and Feral). But, my survivability on Vel is just fine (I'm leveling her feral, but she has a Guardian OS- she's the only character I feel really comfortable tanking on) and cats rip through stuff with minimal effort (see what I did there?). So, in general, I'm having fun leveling Velly up.

But I don't think much of my rogue. One word on my rogue, Springshadow. Splat. I get hit once or twice and I hit the floor. Thankfully, I'm leveling her up with my best friend and her husband, so I don't have to worry about the issues I would have questing alone. But she doesn't pull a ton of damage, she isn't as fun as she used to be, but maybe when she hits 90 and I'm doing dungeons on her for fun it won't be so bad? I don't know.

Starting to gear up. Oh man, here's the fun part of hitting 90. I love gearing up. I'm a bit of a stats person (but I'm not a min-maxxer... Fari wouldn't be alchemy and herbalism if I was), so figuring out what my best-in-slot stuff is thrills me. I enjoy running dungeons and waiting for drops. Currently, Fari is 449 ilvl, and you need 464 or something like that to go into LFR, which is my next destination. It's slow-going, but I'll get there eventually. Hoping to be doing raids by the first Friday in November. Speaking of raids, my guild's heroic progression team is 4/6 normal as of... Tuesday? I don't know. They rock though.

... Pet battles. Why do I love you so. Ohhhh man. I love pet battles. I was a Pokemon player growing up (I think I shared that before) so pet battles were a natural choice for me. I don't do them as much as I'd like, but they are a great thing to do in between quests and... well, the next thing.

Profession grinding. Crafting professions, why do you hurt my FACE. Alchemy, herbing, mining, inscription (which is usually the worst) were fine. Tailoring and enchanting were okay. But blacksmithing, engineering, and leatherworking? Shoot me now. This is ridiculous. Haven't started on my hunter yet, but my best friend is slogging through the LW levels. Engineering was horrible, cause I had to get the motes in order to craft. Those motes of harmony should REALLY be BoA. Fari doesn't really need them unless I need Golden Lotus. And I keep getting them. Secondary professions aren't too bad; Archaeology only took me 3.5 hours total, first aid was a joke. Cooking was rough and it's going to be hard to max all of them out, but I'll get there eventually. Fishing takes a while, but you get 3 points a day if you do Anglers' dailies.

So yeah, this is all the stuff that has been keeping the achievement warrior from writing about all the awesome achievements. But I'll make a point to write more these coming days.

Well Met!

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