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Eww.... Bugs! Thoughts on the Klaxxi Rep Grind

Alright, I'm still playing the catchup game. I really am trying to update every time that I get an exalted Pandaria reputation, and I promise that I haven't gotten many since I wrote about The Tillers! I am now exalted with the Anglers, and I'll write about that soon as I can, too. All of the posts!

So, I'm going to talk about what was my favorite storyline in Pandaria... the Klaxxi!

I know it sounds really strange that I liked this storyline. But think about it... the Klaxxi are the epitome of chaotic neutral. They'll do whatever it takes so that their race ends up on top. They aren't necessarily against everyone, they're just for themselves. You'll also see at the end that they're for someone else, too... and you may (or may not) be surprised!

Our relationship with the Klaxxi was a mutually beneficial one. I'd sneer at the various Klaxxi, who only found me useful because I woke up their paragons, and I found them useful because I want the Shado-Pan to stop freaking out about the invasion of the wall.

The Klaxxi is the only grind that you get a ton of reputation for before 90. And, if you free paragons at 89, those dailies are available at 89. Pretty sweet deal in my opinion. Depending on how far you get into the Dread Wastes line (and I recommend you do all of Dread Wastes so you can get all of the dailies every day). you can be well into honored when you hit 90.

There are four daily hubs that you can get. One of them is a bit of a pain because it's in the starting area of the zone, so you're not only fighting with other people doing dailies but people doing the start of Dread Wastes.

Here's something really, really important to remember when doing these dailies. In three out of the four daily hubs, there is an extra elite you can kill. Here's what they look like (credit totally given to ArgentSun, I got this info right from WoWhead).

Also, there was something interesting that my best friend's husband (Nim) and I noticed while questing. Each of the Klaxxi paragons represents a class. . Here they are, from my point of view at least.

Iyyokuk the Lucid - Mage. My primary reason for this is because of how much he talks about being intelligent, and that's a big thing with mages in general.
Kaz'tik the Manipulator - Hunter. The only member of the Klaxxi with a pet, so of course he was the hunter!
Korven the Prime - Paladin. His obsession with Kyparite and Amber is similar to a paladin's obsession with the light. He refers to it as a source of life and almost worships it.
Rik'kal the Dissector - Warlock. I had a hard time flipping between this and a DK. His behaviors of dissecting and such reminded me of a necromancer, but then I thought about it and he's got more of a mad scientist feel than a necromancer. And, if you look at Ka'roz, he's totally more of a DK than Rik'kal is.
Xaril the Poisoned Mind - Rogue. His skill with poisons made him the most obvious to me. I believe he was the reason I started thinking about it.
Hisek the Swarmkeeper - Druid. Yes, there is a "druid" among the Klaxxi, or at least a hippie tree-hugger. If you stand around and listen to his conversations with Xaril, you find that Hisek is greatly troubled by how ravaged the land has become. There is also an arguement for a priest, cause he talks about keeping your mind strong, but I felt better calling him the druid and Qi'tar the priest.
Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver - Shaman. 
Ka'roz the Locust - Death Knight. When you talk to him, he says "I shiver with power, I am the lone locust of the apocalypse!" and "The Klaxxi said they needed someone to continue punishing fools in a future generation. I told them 'I'm your mantid.'". He's hellbent on destruction and ending the world... much like the original DK's.
Skeer the Bloodseeker - Warrior. He likes to fight. A lot. And wants to go battle more. He has a bloodlust that only the battle can satisfy, much like a berserker.
Malik the Unscathed - Monk. If you listen to conversations between Malik and the other Klaxxi, you see that Malik talks a lot about balance. When you talk to him personally, he talks about the process of becoming an "individual" in the swarm society.
Qi'tar the Deathcaller- Priest. We kill him for a quest; if you look at his abilities, you'll see shadow abilities. That could be coincidence, but that and the fact that he is tormented by his corruption by the Sha makes me think he's the priest.

See? Isn't that cool? I thought it was pretty cool. If you have a differing opinion as to who is what class, tell me! I am in no way authoritative, I'm just giving an opinion.

Speaking of the different paragons, each of them give you an enhancement or augmentation... take these! You can have one of each, and it will make your daily grinding much, much easier to have the help of the paragons.

I can't think of anything else off of the top of my head. The story of the Klaxxi really grabbed me in from the beginning, and, even though the rep grind took awhile, I enjoyed it.

Also, Scorpion.

Did you finish the Klaxxi rep grind yet? How did you like it? Until later this week...

Well met!

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