Saturday, October 20, 2012

Farming with the Tillers

Before I get started: It's HALLOW'S END. If you're doing endless reputation grinds, like I am, make sure to get your "Unburdened" or "Grim Visage" buff. It's a 10% XP and reputation gain for 2 hours, and you can refresh it all day. Throw a torch into the Wickerman in front of SW or Undercity and you'll be set to go.

Little known fact about this geeky girl: I grew up on a farm. Yes. I knew how to drive the tractor, I helped bale hay. I had a dog who was my best friend, played in the woods, and I helped move cows from field to field. I'm not a country girl in any sense of the word, but I grew up like one. I enjoyed it too, but I know that I could never go back to that lifestyle. I'm too tech savvy, and I enjoy being near stuff. Growing up a half hour from my friends wasn't fun, and taking an hour to get to any semblance of shopping (read: Target. Going to Target was a DAY TRIP.) wasn't very fun, and I don't really want to relive that.

Anyway, I talk about farming because, well, today I'm going to talk about what I've found to be one of the most entertaining reputation grinds that is in the game: The Tillers. I get to have a FARM MAN. I get my own farm to grow my own vegetables that I... used most of for cooking. Also, if you have a crafting profession, you can buy a seed to grow (at Revered) in order to get Motes of Harmony. Any crafter you have should get a farm, just saying.

The story for The Tillers is pretty fun; you're basically helping your farmer friend Yoon, a "citypaw" who just inherited his grandpa's farm, become a member of the Tillers, a prestigious group of farmers that run most of goings-on in the Valley of the Four Winds. As you complete tasks (dailies) and get more reputation, you will, on occasion, get extra parts of the questline where you help different members of the Tillers and "earn their vote." At just under exalted, you get Haohan Mudclaw's vote, which will put you into exalted! It's a neat little storyline that is a nice change from the "kill all these things BECAUSE WE MUST BE SUPREME" that we're used to. It's just a bunch of country Pandaren trying to keep their farms and crops safe.

Here's some stuff you should know about your reputation with the Tillers.

Garden plots. You will start off with 4 garden plots, and you can get these plots at 85 if you wanna run your character there. Or if you have a friend to fly you there. It's not that bad of a run, though; I don't usually die as long as I stay on my mount and on the road. You don't earn reputation with the Tillers until 90, but getting your farm started is nice, especially if you're looking to level your cooking. You get 4 more plots at honored, revered, and exalted, for a total of 16 plots.

"Friendship"Reputation with individual people. I could write a whole article about this, but I honestly don't want to. Especially because WoWhead made such a good one that you can use. So, I'm going to give you a TL;DR. There are a total of 10 people who you can become best friends with in the Tillers. They all provide different things to your farm when you become best friends with them. You get reputation from quests with them on the days that they're in the market square. You can also find blue-quality "gifts" in loose soil plots all over Pandaria. Each of these gifts give bonus rep with a person, but the two people listed in the flavor text give you more bonus rep. You can also get bonus reputation by doing a daily for each NPC involving a certain type of food that is their favorite. This map, that I can't remember where I got (but you're awesome, whoever you are) shows each NPC's location (if they aren't at the market that day) and what food they like. You get some fun stuff for your farm and random seeds when you become best friends with an NPC.

Get your own dog! I love dogs. I grew up around dogs, and I can't wait until the day I can have my own dog again (I can't have pets in my current apartment). But, I get to have my own dog in WoW! When you get around 12500/21000 revered, you can get a quest to get a dog on your farm. It gives you a bit of tasty Tillers reputation, too. I only found out about it from this great little article on WoW Insider, where you too can find out how to get your very own dog! He doesn't do much, by the way, but if you /pet him, he rubs his head into your hand. Good doggie!

Buy the farm upgrades. After you hit honored, revered, and exalted and your new plots are put into place, Gina Mudclaw has some shiny upgrades for your farm! The irrigation system (honored, 8 plots), the pest repeller (revered, 12 plots), and the plow help save time and bag space, and they give quests that give 250 rep (270 for humans or with guild perk) with the Tillers after you do the quest. You can only do the quest once, so don't buy multiple ones. When your farm expands, these will expand with it.

The whole Tiller reputation grind took me approximately 15 days to complete. The dailies take about 15-20 minutes depending on what they are, what time of day it is and if you have a friend to do dailies with you. You also can buy goats at exalted. Like this shiny goat that Fari is on.

How did you like the Tillers reputation? Do you have everyone as your best friend yet (I'm halfway, five more friends to make!)?

Until next time I decide to run my mouth!

Well Met!


  1. Awww puppy!!

    I've been such a slacker about doing my dailies, any dailies. x_x I hate doing dailies, and it's overwhelming- I feel like I really *should* be doing them ALL OF THEM adl;fhkadf

    That feeling should fade soon, I hope!

    What about other kinds of plants? I'd heard you could grow leather, herbs, or ore as well! And when do you open up more plots?

    <3! - Dyna

  2. Here are the plots:
    4 - neutral
    8 - honored
    12- revered
    16 - exalted

    And yes! You can grow anything once you hit revered - ore, herbs, motes of harmony, and i think leather too. Check out the seed guy when you're revered!

    And don't feel like you have to do dailies... focus on one at a time, or assign 1-2 per day of the week. That's how I do it now.