Saturday, October 27, 2012

No More Disappearing!

Yes, I know, Fari has this horrible habit of disappearing for a few days at a time. I'm going to try really hard to become more consistent, especially because a few factors are out of the way. Including, but not limited to...

This really big paper for my last class. My last class required me to write a 12-15 page paper. My word, I haven't written that long of a paper since I was in graduate school last time. Yes, this is my second time; I'll be getting a Master's in Youth Ministry (my other degree is in Communication Studies, and my Bachelor's is in Sociology). So anyway, it's been a couple years, so having enough stuff to fill up 12 pages? It's hard to do when I spend most of my life blogging 500-1000 word posts. So, I stumbled through the paper for a few weeks and was distracted from writing to you lovely people.

Losing one of my jobs. This is probably the most irritating of the three. I lost one of my consistent blogging jobs, which broke my heart. I enjoyed this job a lot, so losing it was not only an issue financially (and a big one at that... sigh), but its also an issue because that's just less stuff to do. With winter coming up? That may end up being a pretty rough winter for me. I need to feel like I'm being useful, and only having one very small part time writing gig isn't good for that. That being said, if anyone wants to sponsor ad-space or donate so I can get a dedicated website here, hit me up at I'd like to make this be my big thing to do, but it'll take some help from my faithful readers. :)

Being too distracted with all the shiny new content to write. The last bit is the fact that I am just really distracted with how much there is to do in Pandaria! For the players like me that enjoy doing everything there is to do in game... well, there's a whole heck of a lot of everything. Dailies, pet battles, dungeons, LFR, learning how to monk (and not 100% sure if I enjoy monking), and relearning how to warrior (what), there's just so much to do! And it's great! But my ADD says that I get distracted by, well, everything.

I want to write more things. And I will be writing more things! Starting this week, you get to hear from me not once, not twice, but at least three times a week! Expect entries about my thoughts on playing a monk and the Klaxxi rep grind this week (I hit exalted today! Woot!).

So, talk to me! What do you guys want to see here? What do you want the old dwarf to ramble about? Share some thoughts in the comments! Have a great rest of your weekend, and I'll see ya here next time.

Well met!


  1. While I love reading about the achievements- and I can't wait to see what you have to say about the Klaxxi!- I'm also really interested to hear your opinions on post-MoP RP... if you've even had a chance to try it! (I know I haven't.)

  2. Ah, post MoP RP. I've been kinda gunshy with it, especially cause I don't quite know how my characters would react to Pandaren. I have a vague idea, but nothing definitive. I really am planning on RPing, but I did this same thing at the beginning of Cata, my RP disappeared for a few months while I got raid geared and leveled and such. THAT BEING SAID. I plan on RPing Fari and Rabee a bit more in the coming weeks.