Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sky High with the Cloud Serpents

So, I was one of those weird people who jumped right in to doing all the dailies ever. Yes friends, for a time I was doing Tillers, Order of the Cloud Serpent, Klaxxi, Anglers, and Golden Lotus every day. I know, I should have been more careful cause of my chance of burn out was that much higher. But now I'm at least revered with everyone but Shado Pan and the August Celestials.

Yes, I've finished Tillers as well, and I'll try to talk about that later this week. My anxiety and depression has been pretty rough this week, so I haven't felt like socializing or talking. Feeling a bit better today, though, so hopefully that will help.

The Order of the Cloud Serpent is a Mists of Pandaria faction found at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest. Remember the Wintersaber Trainers and the Netherwing? Well, if you're Alliance; Horde has the Ravasaur Trainers. Anyway, imagine a cross between the two and you've got the cloud serpents.

You start off with a little bitty egg, and you get to choose the color of your little tiny cloud serpent. That cloud serpent is then raised by you, and as your reputation gets higher, the baby gets bigger (just like the Wintersaber Trainers)! You get to race him (like the Netherwing have) and when you get exalted, you get your very own! I started with the golden one, because yellow is my favorite color.

Shush, I'm a girl. SHUSH. OKAY?

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this reputation. The dailies weren't especially hard (there is a set of Hozen cave dailies that drove me bonkers though; the respawn rate was a little too high) and didn't take a ton of time to do. I enjoyed going over there every morning and getting my handful of dailies.

For those who want to know, doing the dailies... well, daily... every day from the time I hit 90 took me approximately 12 days to finish. That was with the base 3-4 quests per day, and then I got an extra 4 a day, which I'll explain here shortly.

Here are some of the tips that are useful for raising your Order of the Cloud Serpent reputation.

- Do it on a character with high level secondary professions. This is where my four extra dailies per day came in. I had one each for fishing, archaeology, first aid, and  I'm not sure what profession level you need to have in order to get the quests. When I started on Fari, I had everything maxed but fishing, and fishing was in the 550's or something like that. You have to be able to use Windwool Bandages for the First Aid daily, so it's safe to guess that you need to have the "Zen" level of professions. Those 4 extra dailies gave me 137.5 rep each (guild perk, and I'm not human), giving me an extra 550 reputation per day.

- Find eggs. Apparently, there are eggs that you can find. That was the big thing that was talked about in this article on WoW Insider. I didn't see a single egg in the 12 days that I was chasing after this reputation, but that's probably because they have the low spawn rate of Netherwing eggs, and I'm on a high-pop RP server. Everyone wants a Cloud Serpent for RP in Pandaria, Right?

- Do dailies with a buddy. This goes for any and all dailies. I feel like dailies, especially the Golden Lotus ones, were created with the "multiplayer" aspect of MMORPG's in mind. They go by a heck of a lot more quickly, and they're more fun to do with friends! My best friend's husband has been my dailies buddy in the morning, and a couple other guildies have started to trickle into our morning routine. Encourage groups for dailies in your guild or group of friends; it takes a load off, especially with how many there are.

Finally, 12 days in, I got my very own cloud serpent! I got the cloud serpent that I chose for free, and then paid 2700 each (3000 if you don't have the guild perk) for the Azure and Jade ones.

Look at my baby Cloud Serpent! All growed up!

Are you exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent yet?

For goodness' sake, did you find any eggs? I haven't even seen the blasted things.

Share some love in the comments, and next time I write will be sooner, promise. I'm going to talk about the other reputation that I finished in the past week, the Tillers.

Until then, well met!

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  1. Thanks, you helped me along with the quests a lot :-)