Friday, November 2, 2012

Fari's Current Duds

Just wanted to show my current set. I really like it. And yes, I am wearing a transmogged Straw Hat

I'm only going to share what you can actually see, because, well, that's all that matters.

Hat: Horseman's Horrific Hood transmogged to Straw Hat.
Shoulders: Stonetoe Spaulders from Golden Lotus
Chestplate: Breastplate of the King's Guard from LFR
Gloves: Ghost Reaver's Gauntlets from Blacksmithing
Belt: Klaxxi Lash of the Rescinder from, hey guess who, Klaxxi
Boots: Jasper Clawfeet from LFR

The other stuff doesn't matter cause you can't see it. I have sweet rings and trinket and stuff.

Another site I love, especially for transmog stuff, is WoW Roleplay Gear. Here's their rendition of is, since there are many pieces of the same color and setup.

I do need a different chestpiece (cause it's itemized wrong) and a different set of bracers, pants, and a cloak, but I'm pretty much set to raid in the next couple of weeks.

Have you enjoyed any of the new sets? What is your current gearset looking like? Do you enjoy transmogging as much as I do?

Till next time!
Well Met!

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