Friday, November 30, 2012

Fari's Feelings on 5.1

So, unless you're really not playing the game right now, you know that the first content patch of Mists of Pandaria, 5.1 (Landfall) dropped on live servers this past Tuesday. Downtime was surprisingly short, the servers were mostly stable (other than some rolling restarts on Wednesday and Thursday), and it's been a mostly pleasant experience.

Well, except the fact that I couldn't do August Celestials dailies today because every single mob was bugged. The only way to get quest credit? To die yourself. Oops. There will probably be a hotfix today regarding it, I hope.

Anyway, what everyone wants to know! What does the Achievement Warrior think about the new patch.

Pet Battles:

I went back to my grind of pet battles. I do really, really enjoy pet battles (Not as much as my "sister," Kia, who wrote 4 parts of a 5-part series on pet battles, is one of the top pet battlers on her server and has more level 25's than I will have for a long, long time). I just have a bit of ADHD which makes me jump between activities. I just came back to it today. I thought that I would hate the rarity change, but actually, it's kind of nice. I didn't use an add-on or anything to see rarity; I just caught lots and lots of stuff. Now I feel like I save time and energy. I also love the sorting options. So much easier!


All dem achievements. I love achievements, if you couldn't guess from the name of the blog. There are lots more achievements now! I got a Jade Kite upon signing in for having 150+ mounts (I currently have 167), there's all kinds of new achievements for the new dailies and scenarios, and they fixed all of the achievements that were buggy. Good deal!

New dailies:

I was one of the people who totally groaned when I found out that there was going to be a new set of dailies. I was definitely someone who joked and called WoW "World of Dailycraft." But you know, it's really not that bad guys. You get 5 quests a day; you can do more with commendations (trap animals, then take a team to beat them), but they're optional and you really don't have to do the extras. Today is day 4, I haven't done any extras and I'm going to be honored by Monday. One week to hit honored doesn't kill anyone. They're fairly quick, even if you do them later in the day like I did today, and the storyline is pretty cool. Varian's still a bit of an idiot, but I gained a lot more respect for the guy than I used to have. Enjoy the storyline, don't feel rushed, and just have a good time owning some Horde (or Alliance, depending on where your faction loyalties lie).

The Brawler's Guild:

Since 5.1 came out on Tuesday, I've probably spent a good 8-10 hours down in the Brawler's Guild. Best part? I don't even have an invitation yet. I'm going to get the one that Nim (best friend's hubby) gets at Rank 7. I've just been down there watching, roleplaying (even though there are some bad people ruining the RP experience - you don't help your server's reputation with that sort of public behavior, kids), and learning the strategies behind everything. Overall, it's pretty fun. Juhles and I spent a couple hours down there yesterday, until things started to slow down. I can't wait to start participating; I love the idea of solo content, the fact that people can watch you is a blast, and I think Blizzard did a good job. Most invitations are going between 75k and 90k gold right now... Nim nabbed his for 25k off of a rank 7 brawler.

That Rep Buff:

OMG. BEST THING EVER. I was done with almost every rep to exalted anyway (except August Celestials... is it just me or is that reputation grind slow?), but its a wonderful thing for alts. I caught up with Klaxxi on Vel fairly quick (and figured out, with that reputation boost, that you'll be revered with Klaxxi if you do all of Dread Wastes when you're done with the zone), and I'm catching up on Golden Lotus. Sweet, sweet deal. August Celestials is going faster, too. Sure, you have to be revered once, but man, its totally worth it for that 100% boost. If you aren't revered with all the factions yet, take your time, but do it. Totally worth it if you're an alt junkie like me and need to get patterns or want to get one of your alts some gear.

LFR changes. 

Okay, I get why Blizzard got rid of the information that told you how many bosses were down. I get that people wouldn't take 2/3's. I wouldn't take 2/3's. Heck, I wouldn't take 1/3's, unless I didn't need the first boss. But why in the world would you take the option to see that away? I don't wanna sit in queue multiple times. I would like to go in once, then be done with it. I'm glad they clarified that you get a guaranteed fresh one if you take a partial one, but it still makes me kinda cranky with Blizzard. This was honestly the only 5.1 change I've disliked thus far.

So, yes. That's what this Fari thinks about the new stuff in 5.1. What do you think of the 5.1 changes? Was your class nerfed to the ground (people say warriors were, but my DPS is doing just fine, thanks)? Or did you get a well-needed buff?

Until next time!
Well met!

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