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Fishin' it Up with the Anglers!

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If you are an American and you are a legal adult (18), go out and make an informed vote today. Don't let anyone tell you who you should vote for. Figure out what issues are important for you and who agrees with you on those issues. Then, get off your lazy butt and go vote. GO. VOTE. Do your civil responsibility. There are people in other countries who have to die to help earn their right to vote. It's a freedom and a responsibility, yet not enough people vote. You tell me why that's okay?
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Okay, can I tell you that I wasn't incredibly excited about Anglers' dailies? I really wasn't. A whole faction based on fishing? EWWWW. I don't mind fishing sometimes; it can be really relaxing, and it doesn't cause a whole heck of a lot of stress, but seriously, a whole faction?

Lemme tell you friend, it really, really wasn't that bad. 

The Anglers is a faction led by the famous Nat Pagle. It's a bunch of rag-tag fishermen including 2 Pandaren, a Tuskarr (Walrus men from Wrath), a couple of humans, a goblin, a Jinyu, and a Hozen. Big old posse of random races with one main goal: fishing up everything and anything! 

You actually first meet the Anglers in the Dread Wastes; if you go through the whole Klaxxi questline you eventually have to go meet the "intruders" in a small town called Soggy's Gamble. Soggy's Gamble is made up of the marooned crew of the Mist Hopper, and you have to do a small line of quests to help them out. This gives you around 2500 (2772 with guild rep bonus) reputation with the Anglers. 

At 90, go to the southern part of the Krasarang Wilds. You will then meet the main crew of the Anglers. Three of the seven fisherman there will give you dailies. Very few of them actually involve fishing (I have talked to people who have had two "fish these up" dailies in a day; some days you don't even get one). I can't remember what each of them are, but the quests that the goblin gives you usually involve bombs, and the ones that the Tuskarr gives you involve spearing fish instead of using a pole. I also had to beat a shark up, steal eggs from birds on the mountain, and pick up bugs for fishing bait.

The dailies are in no way difficult. You rarely have to kill anything, you don't have to fish for hours on end, and there's not really any fighting for mobs. I did Anglers' dailies alongside other dailies just because they only took me 15 minutes at the most. Some days would take less; it just depends on what set you get. Take the time to do it; it's really easy.

Now, there are also bonus dailies that you can do that give you your friendship reputation with Nat Pagle and some reputations with the Anglers' faction overall. These take a little longer, just because you have to be lucky enough to catch the quest fish. There are three fish that you can catch.

Flying Tiger Gourami (quest link) - These are found anywhere that you can fish inland.
Mimic Octopus (quest link) - Found anywhere that you can fish Reef Octopus (primarily southern coastal waters of Krasarang Wilds and Dread Wastes).
Spinefish Alpha (quest link) - These are mostly found near Sha-touched land; the primary locations are coastal Townlong Steppes (near the Niuzao Temple) and any inland waters that are near Sha influence (phased Jade Forest, all over Dread Wastes, and spots in Kun-Lai).

For more information on these fish and other fishing fun, please check out El's Extreme Anglin'. That website is chock full of information, like, anything you need to know ever about fishing is there. Go look. Or I will start being like this guy. GO. GO. GO. GO.

They're unique, so you can only have one in your bags at a time, but if you go fishing, catch a special fish and give it to Nat for a daily, you can catch another of the same fish that day, you just can't hand it in until the next day. Each fish gives 350 (385 with 10% bonus) reputation with the Anglers and 500 (550) reputation with Nat Pagle.

I don't remember how many days it took to get exalted with the Anglers. I didn't fish for Nat's fish every day and I'm still working on his friendship reputation; I just haven't had the ambition to do so. Fishing gets boring sometimes!

Here's the math:

With 10% rep bonus:
550 per daily (1650 per day) - basic dailies only. Takes 26 days to get to exalted.

If you throw in fish...
385 per fish (1155 if you get all 3 fish in one day) = 2805 per day with all 3 fish. Takes 15 days to get to exalted.
Without 10% rep bonus:
500 per daily (1500 per day) - basic dailies only. Takes 28 days to get exalted.

If you throw in fish....
350 per fish (1050 per day) = 2550 per day with all 3 fish. Takes 17 days to get to exalted.

Like the Cloud Serpents, it doesn't necessarily take a long time to do these dailies or to get to exalted. So, if you're looking for something laid back to do in the midst of all these crazy dailies, Anglers dailies may be for you. They're fun, and quick...

And you get this cool mount when you're done. Which I'll put a screenshot up for when the servers get up.

... Why was maintenance extended? WHY?

Edit: Dis Mount. So delicious.

Until next time!

Well Met!

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