Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let Me Tell You my RP History...

So, I've shared on here before that I'm one of those people who does almost everything that you can imagine on WoW. PvP, PvE, playing the auction house, pet battles, and of course achievements.

Before I forget, my "big sister," Kia, is doing a series on pet battles this week. She is the pet battle guru, my friends. Learn from her wisdom.

Anyway, back on top. RP, on the other hand, is the most recent endeavor in my WoW journeys. Let me tell you how I got into this whole RP thing...

Back in late 2009, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I ended up going up north (I live across the state from where I grew up) a lot more often. Due to the rural area they lived in, they didn't have real internet until about a year and a half ago. They had satellite internet, which has a horrible ping and doesn't allow you to download anything important because otherwise they knock you down to dial-up speeds. Yeah, it was bad. But, I could stream WoW on it fine, because it wasn't downloading anything. Well, as fine as you can.

I couldn't raid, it was hard to quest, and just generally frustrating. Which is why I had to figure out something to do when I was stuck at the house for hours, only having to get up when mom was awake and needed something. She was sick for six months before she passed away in June of 2010. So, I had to do something to keep my mind sharp and sane.

I'd read a little about RP; I consider myself to be of a creative mind, so I did some research and found out that WrA was a highly acclaimed RP server, but many people suggested that you RP'd Hordeside. So, my first RP character was created. Dream, a Tauren Druid who had a really messed up backstory that could only come from the depths of my mind. It was totally lore-abiding, just messed up. I won't get into it here, I played her for awhile. I think I played her up until Cataclysm started, when all the shiny newness of the expansion started, my Hordeside guild fell apart and Dream's story died. Someday I'd like to either send her to Moon Guard (because open Hordeside RP is good there; it's very clan/guild based on WrA) or rename her and try to start over.
Artist's rendition of Leigh

What's cool is that I made a friend who lives in my area from that experience. We're still friends to this day and see each other every couple of months or so. Woot.

Anyway, I forgot about RP for awhile. I got into raiding more again, and it was a good time. Then my guild on my PvE server started to fall apart, and in fall of 2011, my best friend and her husband left the game for awhile. They played SWTOR for awhile and then came back.

My first Alliance-side RP character is now officially retired; she's a Worgen druid named Ceilagh ("Leigh") Silverglade. I still have the character, but her story is over. I will probably, eventually, get her a name change so that I can start all over with a new concept. I don't have a concept right now, so she's just kind of there as my jewelcrafter. I made her during 4.2, because I was getting stressed from raiding and needed a break. And I heard, with Cata, Ally-side RP had gotten good, and it really did. I played sparingly until Nim and Jay left.

Then, I was on WrA all of the time. I had several RP toons, and joined an RP guild. Made some friends all over the place. Left the RP guild (don't ever, EVER let IC = OOC. Ever. Because it results in stupidity). I server transferred Fari and Ori, my mage. Made the rest of my characters from scratch. Then, Nim and Jay came back to the game in April.

When they came back, I'd joined a PvE guild with some friends and almost totally stopped RPing. I tried, but man, I just couldn't get back into the swing of it. I left that RP guild and I just had a really hard time RPing, probably because of my social anxiety and hurt feelings. All the silly stuff.

Anyhow, I ended up leaving that PvE guild for real life reasons, and now Nim, Jay, and I are in a RP-PvE guild that we love. The company is mostly great (there's always people you won't mesh with, and that's okay), the activities are frequent. Nim's going to be leading a raiding group soon, and I'm involved with RP in the guild on Brother Rabee Softfang.

I made Rabee shortly after Ceilagh. He's a Worgen Priest that has an ornery attitude but a good heart. He's massive (7'5" Worgen means he's taller than some Draenei), but the goober sews and his best friend is an orange and white tabby cat named Samson. He was quiet for a good long while because I didn't have a story for him, but now I'm using him a lot more.

I have other RP characters too, but most of them are hidden in the shadows or their stories are on "pause." I'll figure out something to do with them eventually... all RP characters "die" at some point, it's just a part of the RP cycle. Many times, they're revived again (Dream and Leigh won't be because the people that I RP'd them with are gone and I have no idea where their stories would be without those people).

Fari is a filler character, by the way. He has a backstory that involves him being everywhere and knowing about everything but having done nothing really important. Explorer's League Dwarf! He's a fun RP character that I bring out just to play an ornery Dwarf.

Anyway, that's my RP story. Now you know how a casual raider ended up on an RP server, where she's found many of her closest friends.

How'd you end up on your server?

Well Met!

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  1. Ooo Fari I love this post!!

    I can definitely feel you on the characters who lurk only in the shadows; most of my toons are characters in fact, but since the expansion dropped, my interest has been almost purely PVE.

    I came to Wyrmrest after getting my RP roots settled in on Sisters of Elune. I actually started playing WoW because my mother, of all people, was playing- and was RPing and kept telling me about all of the stories she was participating in. I decided to give it a try, she was the guild leader of a pretty prominent RP guild back in the day on Sisters.

    I remember the first WoW scene I participated in... I had my level, what, five? Paladin, and she was wielding a kobold shovel because I'd found it and it was better than my other weapon. I didn't really know how RP in WoW worked, so I was in Stormwind for the very first time, and I saw my mom's avatar- she was on her druid in cat form, sitting on a bridge. I typed /slap and laughed hysterically, only to have mom (aka Eloren) shift to elf form and be VERY not amused with my fledgeling Odynae, and then I had to scramble to find an IC reason for my character to have done that...

    It was glorious. :)

    Also, you should play dwarf-times with Dan and I. Miurne's my nagging drunken housewife who has THE BEST INSULTS EVER, and Khadros (Dan) is a Wildhammer sadly afflicted by wanderlust- unseemly for his clan! Sometimes Katy joins us on Miurne's sister in law (whose name I cannot recall!) and they just have... the best verbal combat. The best. It's just raucous as all get out.