Thursday, November 1, 2012

Leveling my Monk!

So, one of the coolest things that came with this expansion was the addition of a new class. I've mentioned on here before that I started playing WoW during Wrath of the Lich King. That means, at least for me, Death Knights have always been a part of the game. My 3rd or 4th character was a death knight named Mardig. Mardig still sits on Dalaran, a level 85 DK. This was one of his... finer moments.

Anywho, new class. I was kind of curious about the whole monk thing. A class that only used their fists and feet? Whoa...


And, on top of everything else, I get to be a panda.



I know, I'm ridiculous. I actually was really excited about the Pandaren when they were announced. I've always found Chen Stormstout to be an absolutely fascinating character, and to get to play a Pandaren? Absolutely amazing. I've actually made two Pandaren: Meng'ren, the monk, and Shou'bao, the rogue.

Because who else absolutely loves the idea of a giant Panda as a rogue? And yes, Shou'bao is male. Big panda man in the SHADOWS.

Anyway, back to my monk. I did the Pandaren starting area, which is absolutely amazing. The art of the Wandering Isle is absolutely beautiful, the gear you get is really well-designed (why did you make it all white and unable to be x-mogged BLIZZARD). The story-line is engaging and fun, and it's a really fun 12-13 levels. Let me tell you; even though I was concerned about not having heirlooms, I enjoyed the experience so much that I really didn't mind. I even did it twice! Once alone, and once with a friend.

I'm also really glad that they didn't make monks a "hero class" like DK's, and instead started them at level 1 like everyone else. As I've thought about it, though, they compensated for it really well. Instead of starting you out at level 55 like a Death Knight, instead you have the option of doing a daily quest (that you reach by using Zen Pilgrimage to get to the Peak of Serenity) that gives you Enlightenment. Yes, that does say 50% buff for 1 hour. So, when you throw that with full heirlooms you get a 95% xp buff. You can also get Enlightenment every 10 levels. So, in a day, you can get that for 2-3 hours, depending on how much you want to level.

Now, granted. Some people like to sit back and enjoy the ride. They like the leveling process. I'm one of those people, sometimes. Not with my monk right now. I've done the Alliance-side quests enough times that I can recite them if I wanted to. Hordies I'm more apt to go slowly, because I haven't seen the whole story a lot. But I'm an Alliance player at heart, friends.

Anyway, I've really enjoyed leveling my monk. She's something different, I love flying through multiple levels just by doing a dungeon, and the playstyle is... different. Not a bad different, it's just different. I play primarily  melee classes (my three 90's are a DPS warrior, a rogue, and a feral/guardian druid), so to have a melee class feel different than the other three... pretty sweet.

I don't know if I could ever main a monk, but I definitely enjoy it more than I do my rogue right now (I don't enjoy my rogue at 90, can you tell?). It's something fun to level in between dailies and getting other characters from 85 to 90. The style is different, the monk training storyline is fun, and I am just enjoying it in general.

Have you tried a monk yet? Do you like it? Is a monk now your main?

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  1. I created a blood elf monk at one point, stopped leveling it around level 20 due to my need to get a new warrior instead... :P Anyway, I really liked the abilities and after playing the same old classes it definitely felt nice to have something new for a change.

    I've always been a melee dps player- kinda type so I enjoyed the first 20 levels a lot. 90 monk sounds awesome but at the moment I don't have interest to level mine any further, maybe in the future though! :)