Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Which Reputations Give Me Profession Patterns? Part 1

I'm a profession grinder. Professions didn't feel as difficult to level up as they have in other expansions. I leveled up inscription in no time. The hardest has actually been leatherworking, only because I haven't leveled my skinner yet and don't feel like it (I'm not fond of my hunter... I really try. Really). I have everything but Leatherworking and Skinning maxed out for Master of All. I'll get it eventually, especially because I'll need a hunter if they ever decide to do anything past Quintessential Quintet. Which yes, I hope they do.

Now, as you also know, I'm a reputation junkie. I have The Insane title on Fari, and now I have 63 exalted reputations. So I know all about the exalted reputations and the grind toward them. Fun fact: Unless you're crazy and go for the reputations in the early battlegrounds (Alterac Valley is fairly easy; I'm talking about Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch), you actually can't get the 70 exalted reputations achievement with the reputations currently available in the game. I say currently available because there are 72 reputations that you can get exalted with, but the Zandalar Tribe and the Shen'dralar are no longer available; I got Zandalar done before it went away, but not Shen'dralar.

Now, I know you're expecting me to sit here and just tell you what reputations you need from Pandaria in order to get all of the patterns. Oh, no, friends. I'm taking it the whole way. Have you ever wondered what reputations have patterns? Are you someone that needs to fill up your recipe books as well as you can? Then this may help you do that!

I will not be listing the individual recipes. That would take me a really long time, and even though I love all of you, I don't want to be here all day writing for you. Check out the link to WoWpedia for each profession to find those. I'll just tell you the number of recipes available at different reputation levels.

Alchemy - WoWpedia link to faction recipes

Argent Dawn- Honored (1)
Note: Yes, you can still get to exalted with the Argent Dawn. The WoWhead article explains how.
Cenarion Expedition - Honored (2), Revered (1), Exalted (2)
Honor Hold/Thrallmar - Honored (2)
Keepers of Time - Exalted (1)
Kurenai/Mag'har - Revered (1)
Lower City - Revered (1), Exalted (1)
Scryers - Revered (1)
Sha'tar - Revered (2), Exalted (1)
Shattered Sun Offensive - Exalted (4)
Sporeggar- Revered (1), Exalted (1)
Thorium Brotherhood- Friendly (1)
Timbermaw Hold - Friendly (1)
Note: This doesn't suck as much as it used to. The Timbermaw have a lot of quests that give a lot of reputation. Woot! I did it the old way and the new way; new way (post-Cata) is much better.

General Alchemy Notes: There used to be a recipe from The Violet Eye, but that got removed in 5.0.4. Zandalar had a few too, but they aren't available as a faction.

Blacksmithing - WoWpedia link to faction recipes

AldorFriendly (1), Honored (1), Revered (1), Exalted (1)
Argent Dawn- Honored (1), Revered (1)
The Ashen Verdict - Honored (3), Revered (3)
Ashtongue Deathsworn - Friendly (2), Honored (2)
Cenarion Circle - Friendly (2), Honored (2), Revered (2), Exalted (1)
Cenarion Expedition - Honored (3), Revered (2), Exalted (1)
Honor Hold/Thrallmar - Exalted (1)
Klaxxi - Honored (14)
Valiance Expedition/Horde Expedition - Exalted (1)
Scryers - Friendly (1), Honored (1), Revered (1), Exalted (1)
Thorium Brotherhood - Friendly (1), Honored (4), Revered (6), Exalted (4)
Timbermaw Hold- Honored (1), Revered (1)
The Violet Eye - Honored (2), Revered (1)

Enchanting - WoWpedia link to faction recipes

Argent Dawn- Honored (1), Revered (1)
August Celestials - Revered (3)
Cenarion Circle- Friendly (1), Honored (1)
Cenarion Expedition- Revered (1), Exalted (1)
The Consortium- Friendly (1), Honored (1), Revered (1)
Honor Hold/Thrallmar- Friendly (1), Revered (1), Exalted (1)
Keepers of Time - Honored (2), Exalted (1)
Lower City - Honored (1), Exalted (1)
Shado-Pan - Revered (3)
Sha'tar - Honored (1), Revered (2), Exalted (1)
Shattered Sun Offensive - Honored (2)
Thorium Brotherhood - Friendly (1), Honored (1), Revered (1)
The Violet Eye - Exalted (1)

Engineering - WoWpedia link to faction recipes

Cenarion Expedition- Friendly (1)
The Consortium- Revered (1)

Is that helpful? I hope so! Also, if you are a recipe filler like myself, I recommend Acki's Recipe List for all of your recipe collecting needs. It's a great add-on that scans what you have and tells you what you need and where you can get it. On Thursday, I'll be posting part two of this series with Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring... until then...

Well Met!

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