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Golden Lotus Rep - Yes, Finally!

I'm so behind on my reputation series, probably because a million other things have come up in game, and I have every bit of ADD ever. Don't judge me man, don't judge me. I'm finally getting back to the grinds and with the changes, it's so much easier to try and get those reputations to exalted for the shiny mounts and tabards.

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Anyway, here's that low-down on the Golden Lotus reputation.

The Golden Lotus reputation is a gateway for two other factions (both of which I finally got to exalted as of yesterday): The Shado-Pan and the August Celestials. I don't mind that they made the Golden Lotus a gateway, but revered? Sheesh. I don't mind it much, but it was still pretty painful to get to. Not like I really wanted to do two more sets of dailies every day at that point anyway, but whatever. THAT IS NOT THE POINT.

The Golden Lotus is a group that investigates the Mogu threat in the sacred Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The water in the Vale has special healing and growing properties, and the Mogu threaten the sanctity of the Vale. The Vale was opened through members of the Horde and Alliance proving their pure intent, thanks to Prince Anduin and Sunwalker Dezco convincing Xuen, the White Tiger that it's acceptable to allow people in. You must finish the questline starting with "A Celestial Experience (Horde link)" in order to have access to the starter chain for the Golden Lotus. You can do this quest at level 87, when you're in Kun-Lai Summit; you'll get the starter quest (Horde link) that takes you to the Temple of the White Tiger in that first quest hub.

Then, when you hit 90, you have to do another quest line (Horde link) in order to open up your Golden Lotus dailies. Helpful hint: Even if you don't plan to do Golden Lotus dailies on an alt, do this starter quest so you can have access to ore and herb nodes. You can't see them unless you've done that quest line first.

There are several quest hubs that you have available to you, each of which change depending on the day. This allows for variety in your questing, to a point.

The main quest hub is found at the Golden Pagoda, which is basically at the center of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. There are five dailies here that you need to complete. These are done at the Golden Stair, which is northwest of this hub. These involve killing Mogu and thwarting their plans to take over the Vale; there are 13 quests that you can get, but you only get 5 per day.

After you complete the quests at the main hub, you get sent to a second quest hub, which is either at Whitepetal Lake or Mistfall Village. You cannot get that set of dailies without doing the dailies at the Golden Pagoda first. I definitely prefer the Whitepetal Lake ones over the Mistfall Village ones. Why? Because the Sprites absolutely suck; they do this knockdown stun thing that doesn't have diminishing returns and, as a melee, I get stunned to crap and it drives me crazy. Now, there are two different "phases" each place can be in; they can be "calm" (no Mogu) or "invaded" (Mogu). The state changes what quests you will be doing as well.

If you are neutral/friendly, this will be the last set of quests for your day; it's a set of four quests. After those are done, you get one last quest that involves killing and/or "disciplining" a threat (you discipline the Pandaren elemental spirits, you kill animals) and get your Treasure of the Vale. I've gotten some cool stuff out of here, including Spirits of Harmony, Skyshards, and Scrolls of Wisdom (on my scribe). You get stuff that your professions can use, according to WoWhead.

At honored, you gain a third quest hub, which can be at the Setting Sun Garrison or the Ruins of Guo-Lai. Once again, I have a preference; I like the Setting Sun Garrison ones more. They're quicker and less irritating. The Ruins of Guo-Lai can have the same settings as the previous two areas; calm and invaded. After these sets there is one more "elite" quest that ends the chain for the day and gives you your Treasure of the Vale.

Unlike the Anglers, the Tillers, and the Klaxxi, there is only one way to gain extra reputation per day, and it's really hard to get: Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Keys, which open Ancient Guo-Lai Caches, which are found in the Ruins of Guo-Lai, which is only opened when you're on the third phase of quests. They're an incredibly low drop, but when you open a Cache, it will always give you a Relic of Guo-Lai, which gives you 150 reputation (165 with guild perk; 180 with guild and holiday perk). Yes, you go through all of that for 165 reputation isn't that great? Not worth it, in my opinion. I never farmed for them and I got 2 during my whole stretch of doing dailies on Fari and now on Velly.

In all honesty, the Golden Lotus was my least favorite reputation to grind. Lots of dailies for what felt like very little daily progress. I didn't keep track of how long it took me to get to exalted (I got exalted before the 5.1 changes), but it felt like it took a really, really long time. If you want to look at a great reputation guide for it, go check out Envii the Insane's Golden Lotus guide. That's the one I used.

What made this quest line worth it were the questlines you got every time you hit a new reputation (honored, revered, exalted). The storyline is absolutely great, and you feel like a hero by the time that you're done with it. I won't spoil anything, but it's awesome.

The crane mounts, which you can purchase at exalted, are pretty awesome. They aren't as cool as the Shado-Pan Mounts, but they rock pretty hard.

Are you exalted with the Golden Lotus? How was the rep grind for you? Did you grind for keys or just blow it off like I did?

Until next time!
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