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6 90's - Some thoughts, and a Question to You.

Yes, you read that correctly. I have 6 90's now, and I've loved every minute of it. And I wanted to share lots of those minutes with you.

First, some general notes about leveling. I really do like leveling; I find it a fun part of the game that I don't mind doing multiple times. Here is, generally, how I go through the leveling process:

1-15: Questing in starting area of choice. Some starting areas I prefer over others. My favorites (out of those I've done) are the troll, the dwarf, the gnome (now that it's revamped), and the Worgen. My least favorites are the Tauren (I'll usually jump over to Durotar once I hit level 4 or 5), the Night Elf, and the Goblin. I'm indifferent toward the Pandaren one; it's an absolutely amazing place, but only the first 2-3 times (... I have 4 Pandaren, don't judge me). I've never done the Forsaken, the Blood Elf, the Orc (from the very beginning), or the human (I'm a human in real life, why would I want to play one in a video game?).

Sometimes at 10: If it's Arathi Basin week(end) I'll chain run Arathi instead. The XP is a lot better in Arathi than Warsong, you totally own if you're in looms (which may change with the 5.2 changes), and it's a nice queue in between quests.

15-45: Alternate between questing and dungeoning. I only do each dungeon once. Why? The XP's fine for multiple, but the XP is best when you do the quests for them.

45-55: PvPing between quests. Why? Because Alterac Valley, the XP hog, is in here. Make sure to do a random, blacklist Warsong and Eye of the Storm, and just go. Alliance traditionally does better in AV,so this isn't as effective as Horde. If you win AV at these levels and have heirlooms on, you can get almost a level of XP per win. You still get a ton per loss, and it's even more if you're a monk with the 50% XP bonus buff on.

55-58. Alternate between questing, PvP, and dungeons. Why? It depends on the day. I prefer to continue PvPing, but this is the DK bracket, and that's just not nice to anyone. Except DK's.

58-60: Questing and dungeoning. I go random for these; this includes Hellfire Ramparts, which, if you have a good group, you can clear in 15 minutes tops.

60-75: Questing, dungeons, PvP. I do each dungeon once, like I did from 15-45, to do the quests. I quest in between, and PvP is mostly back to normal at this point. I make sure to do Ring of Blood at 65 (you get almost a level with looms). My normal pattern is Zangermarsh > little bit of Terokkar > Nagrand. I go to Northrend at 68, where I usually go Borean Tundra > Dragonblight > Grizzly Hills.

75-78: Questing and dungeons. I start this round off with Ampitheatre of Anguish, and then quest to 78. This is the Cataclysm bracket, where some weapons and gear that are Cata ilvl greens can be obtained around level 77. This makes the gap between a 75 and a 79 horrendous. I suggest Zul'Drak (it's my favorite Wrath zone).

78-80: Exclusively PvP. I am one of those jerks in your BG buying Cata greens. Beware.

80-83: Questing. Questing. More questing. Maybe a dungeon, but these queues can be horrible and I really don't like them, so I zoom through, usually going from Mount Hyjal until 82, and Deepholm to 83.

83-85: PvP and questing. I am also that jerk buying MoP greens. I'll do Uldum and as soon as I hit 84, hit Twilight Highlands.

85: Jade Forest, of course.

86: Valley of the Four Winds. I did Krasarang once, I kinda liked it, I got the story, I prefer Valley.

87: Kun-Lai plus all four dungeons available as normals. I do each of them once and do the quests within.

88: Townlong Steppes. One of these times I plan to PvP in here as well, I just haven't done it quite yet.

89-90: Riches of Pandaria, followed by Dread Wastes. Starting to get the various Riches awards you almost 6 bars of XP into 90. Yes, it's okay to wait this long. It's amazing.

I'm not going to sit here and dissect every little thing about every class I have maxed, but I'm going to share how I liked each of them for leveling.

Warrior: My first 90 was Faridoon, my Dwarf Warrior. I loved it. I actually did the first half of 85 by doing archaeology, but that's just because I was going for server first. I didn't get it, sadly. Anyway, leveling on Fari was a cake walk. First, because he was well-geared (he was in raid finder and normal DS gear, mostly normal) and second because warrior survivability is amazing now. I still love doing dailies on him. Part of it is the fact that I know warriors best, but the other piece of the puzzle is that they're just a lot better than they used to be. For those who care, I leveled as arms, and switched to fury at around 88.

Druid: Veliya, my Night Elf Druid, was a different beast (you see what I did there?). I level as feral, usually, because I enjoy it. Vel was also decently geared (she was my "main alt" in Cata). She was a ton of fun to level, and her survivability was pretty good. I messed around with Guardian some as I leveled, and had both she and Fari to 90 within the first two weeks of the expansion.

Rogue: Don't talk to me, k. Just don't. Don't. Leveling my rogue was horrendous. Thankfully, a couple guildies had thrown out the warning that you shouldn't level your rogues alone and I totally agree. I'm not saying that you can't do it, I'm just saying that it's a heck of a lot easier to do it with a friend. I ended up leveling my rogue with Nim and Jay when they leveled... well, Nim and Jay. Juhles ended up leveling her rogue with my mage, which I'll talk about next. Springshadow went splat a lot. Yes, there's survivability as a rogue, but I only have so many buttons. I leveled as subtlety, and switched to assassination at 90.

Mage: Oh, mage. Mage, how squishy you are. I did okay on Ori from 85-88, then 88 started to be a struggle. This is when Juhles started to flounder on her rogue too, so we made the decision to finish out together. Sure, squish + squish = squish, but at least we could save each other's butts from the Squish. I actually had a lot of fun leveling her when she didn't squish as much. I leveled her as frost, and have kept her frost at max level.

Shaman: My favorite ranged class as of current. I absolutely loved leveling her as elemental, and it was a ton of fun. Auddrey, my Draenei shaman, was a heck of a lot easier to level than my mage and my rogue. The ability to heal probably helped a lot.

Monk: My beloved monk. Best. Class. Ever. I love my monk. Monks are absolutely amazing. From level one, I've loved it. I've loved the extra 50% bonus you can get from the daily and every ten levels, I've loved the training, I've loved the whole way up. I actually quested most of it, because I discovered, with the 50% buff, it was faster to just quest instead of wasting my time in dungeon queues and dungeons. It may be faster if you're a tank or healer with an insta-queue, but as a DPS (because I level most things DPS), it was quicker to just rip through stuff.

So that's my leveling adventures. I still have my level 86 Worgen Priest, my level 86 Worgen Druid, my level 85 Draenei hunter (which may never get leveled, I hate hunters. So much.), and my level 20-something Paladin left to level on WrA. Then I have a couple Hordies I'm dabbling in on Moon Guard.


What class/race combination should I try next? Here are a few restrictions.

- No Forsaken. No, I'm serious, no Forsaken. They creep me out.
- No hunters. I really, really, really don't like hunters.
- I'd prefer no Goblin/Pandaren/Worgen, just because I've seen the starting areas 9328491283 times and they get old. But, if you demand it, I shall.

Leave some thoughts in the comments!
Well met!

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