Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And I'm Baaaaaaack...

Yes, I know, I disappeared for a good long while - a month to be exact. No, I didn't die, I haven't given up the blog in the least - actually, I plan on posting at least 2-3 times a week as part of my New Year's new me stuff. I'm quite excited, and I hope all of you join me in the journey!

Wanna know what happened to me in there? Let me tell you.

1. Went on a great trip to Florida for Christmas. I've mentioned Juhles on here before. She's my gaming companion and one of my best friends. We met on WoW about a year ago, and we finally got to see each other face-to-face in December. I went down to Florida to spend Christmas with her family and it was absolutely amazing! I haven't had that good of a Christmas since my grandma got sick in 2008 and passed away in 2009, then my mom got sick in 2009 and passed away in 2010, and it's going to become a yearly tradition. We didn't WoW at all, but that's okay, we just enjoyed each other's company :).

2. Job hunting. I hate job hunting. After losing my last writing job at the end of November/beginning of December, I cannot tell you how many freaking jobs I've applied to. I can't even keep count anymore. Have I gotten a single phone call? Absolutely not. Who wants a self-employed doofus with social anxiety who won't work on Sundays? No one. At all. Can you tell I'm totally discouraged? Because I am totally discouraged.

3. Got two more characters to 90. Yes, after I got home, I grinded two more characters to 90, putting me up to five. My initial five - Warrior (Fari, my main), Druid, Rogue, Shaman (elemental was a blast!) and Mage. The easiest was definitely Fari, my hardest was a tie between my rogue and my mage - I ended up leveling from 88 to 90 with Juhles' rogue to make it easier on both of us. Next on my list is my monk (currently halfway through 87) and my priest (just 85). I'm taking a break for now though, what the crap am I doing with 5 90's, let alone 7? No idea.

Important side note: I went through most of Dread Wastes on my mage with the Commendation buff for the Klaxxi. I'm partway through revered. Those Commendations make life 100% easier when it comes to gearing alts and such.

4. Holy crap pet battles.  I got Pro Pet Mob a couple weeks ago, I've gotten two sets of the Pandaren spirit pets (one for me, one for Juhles) and all of the pets I can catch are uncommon or rare quality. I'm starting the process of making all the uncommons rare, which will take a nice long while, while leveling other pets to 25. If you're interested in stats and such, look at WoW Progress. They actually added in battle pet rankings. I will never catch up to the number 1 guy on my server (I'm convinced he has no life), but I'm number 6 on my server at the time I write this. Pretty sweet.

So yes, I've been a busy dorf. I'm glad to be back in the groove though, and I'll be writing more often in this coming year.

Well Met!

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