Thursday, January 31, 2013

Going Insane in 12 (or 13) Easy Steps!

So, you want to be Insane in the Membrane like me? Good. Insanity is a fun place to be, unless you’re trying to do Alone in the Darkness. Then it’s just a scary place to be. 

The Insane is a very coveted title, especially on an RP realm like the one I come from. It’s fun to be “Faridoon the Insane” when you’re playing an old Explorer’s League dwarf that should be past his prime but still flings around swords anyway. It’s definitely not as hard as it used to be, but let me tell you, it’s still a time sink (and a gold sink, depending on how you do it). So, we’re going to look at the 12 step program for getting The Insane.

Round 1: Darkmoon Faire

Step 1: Do your Darkmoon Faire monthlies and dailies. I did DMF the old way, and I am jealous of all of you that get to do it the new way. I’ve already hit exalted with them on one of my druids without even trying, just by doing the monthly profession quests. I did it the old way on Fari, which consisted of the second step…

Step 2: Make Darkmoon decks and hand them in. I had a scribe for this specific reason. Make me cards, you goofy ink-maker! I made lots and lots of cards and constructed deck after deck. I would have dozens of decks in my bank, waiting for DMF week. You can still do this, too, if you want to make the trek to exalted faster.

Step 3: Cry because you ran out of stuff to hand in and your scribe gave you 6 of the same Swords card.  Why does the random element always give me like 6 cards I don’t want or need? Why are you so mean to me, Lady RNG?  Here, have a tissue.

Round 2: Bloodsail Buccaneers

Step 4: Thank your deity of choice that you only have to get the reputation to honored. Yes, only to honored. Apparently, you can grind this reputation with level 35 bruisers during the Booty Bay quest called Doublerum because of the phasing. Sounds good to me! 

Step 5: Kill lots of goblins. Kill them. Kill them all. Get loot. Get mad because they hit hard.

Step 6: Get to honored, look at the next reputation you have to do. Cry. Here, have a tissue.

Round 3: Steamwheedle Cartel Goblins

Step 7: Get a lot of cloth. You can “Make Amends” with the different Steamwheedle reputations by handing in cloth. Skip this step if you want to keep the Bloodsail on good terms as well, but you don’t have to do that for the achievement.
Everlook – Runecloth and Coal
Gadgetzan – Mageweave and Strong Flux
Ratchet – Linen Cloth and Crystal Vials
Booty Bay – Silk Cloth and Red Dye
Note: Currently, Blizzard is fixing the bug that requires you be exalted with the Steamwheedle factions and honored with Bloodsail at the same time to get the Feat of Strength. You shouldn’t have to.

Step 8: Grab some friends and kill pirates. If you want to keep both reps on good terms, then you can only kill NPC’s in the Venture Company Base Camp (Booty Bay), Venture Bay (Booty Bay), Southsea pirates on Fray Island (Ratchet), Eastmoon Ruins (Gadgetzan), Southbreak Shore (Gadgetzan). Each of these will give you 5 reputation with the main city nearby and 2-3 with the other Steamwheedle cities (without reputation boosts from racials or guild). I’ve found that Southbreak Shore is the best place in general, even if you aren’t worrying about pirate reputation, because the mobs are close together. Grab a raid group and have at it!

Step 9: Cry because you don’t want to kill pirates anymore. Here’s a tissue.

Round 4: Ravenholdt

Step 10: Realize that you should have been working on this achievement on a rogue. Yes, rogues have a distinct advantage to Ravenholdt reputation. Why? The Fangs of the Father questline gives you a nice chunk of reputation.

Step 11: Kill lots of mobs in the Arathi Highlands. There are two places to kill Syndicate members. One is at Stromgarde, one is at Northfold manor. You can kill these mobs until 11999/12000 honored, then you have to go to the dreaded repeatable quest…

Step 12: Spend the rest of your life pick-pocketing. I’m sorry friend; you have to hand in 1,400 junkboxes. Have fun going through Lower Blackrock Spire and around the mobs at Blackrock Stronghold. Both are really effective. You can also consider paying people off (I did 10g a lockbox).


Step 13: Cry with joy and quit doing any reputation grinds for several months. Or ever. Can't offer you anymore tissues. You used the whole box. 

Going insane really is rewarding and fun; it takes awhile, but it’s much easier than it used to be. Trust me; if there’s any achievement that you should go for, it’s this one! It’s the pinnacle of achievements, the hardest of the hard, and the most likely to drive you absolutely insane. 

Have you finished The Insane? Share some thoughts in the comments, have a great week, and we'll see you back here on Saturday!

Well Met!

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