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Pet Leveling using Grand Master Pet Tamers, Part 1

Yes, I told you that I'd talk more about pet leveling and how I do it so quickly. I gave some instructions on Thursday about how I level using "duo-ing," that is, fighting a Master Tamer using only two (sometimes one, depending on the trainer) appropriate level pets and one lower-level pet.

One thing that I've found is that once you get a couple 25's, it's a lot easier to get more 25's. It's great, really.  You don't have to have 25's for the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Master Trainers

NOTE: The only Master Tamers I'm going to talk about are the ones that give you a Sack of Pet Supplies. If people are like "OMG I WANT THE OTHERS" I will do the others, but these are the ones I do every single day.

ANOTHER NOTE: Some of these are based on luck. So you may have to try a couple of times, but it still takes less time than "hey, let's find moar pets.:" Also, your max-level pets will likely die. Most times, I do these by bringing out the pet to be leveled last. There are a few times that I bring them out first and switch, and I will note those in the notes.

Here's the layout I will use for explaining the pet trainers:
Pet Level: So you know what level you should have for the pets that are carrying your third pet.
Types: So you know what to expect.
Weak against: So you know what abilities your pets need to have to get them down fast.
Strong against: So you know what pets you shouldn't try to level against them
My choice for duo-ing: Duh.

Today, we're going to look at the Grand Masters in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm, and the four Pandaria Elementals (yes, you get access to their dailies last, but I wanted to group the rest of Pandaria together). On Tuesday, we'll look at the Grand Masters in Pandaria.

Grand Master Lydia Accoste
Location: Behind Karazhan
Pet Level: 19
Types: Undead, Undead, Elemental
Weak against: Critter, Critter, Aquatic
Strong against: Humanoid, Humanoid, Mechanical
My choice for duo-ing: Because I have a lot of level 25's, I can actually solo it with my level 25 Mr. Grubbs. When I had to use a duo, I grabbed a level 19 Shore Crab from Borean Tundra to take care of the elemental.

Grand Master Trixxy
Location: Winterspring
Pet Level: 19
Types: Flying, Beast, Dragonkin
Weak against: Magic, Mechanical, Humanoid
Strong against: Aquatic, Humanoid, Magic
My choice for duo-ing: If you've got level 25's, any combo will do. I usually plow through with my level 25 Hopling. 

Grand Master Antari
Location: Shadowmoon Valley (Outland)
Pet Level: 24
Types: Magic, Elemental, Dragonkin
Weak Against: Dragonkin, Aquatic, Humanoid
Strong Against: Flying, Mechanical, Magic
My choice for duo-ing: Don't duo him before you get level 25's, he was a pain in the butt to get through before that point. I use the Emerald Proto-Whelp (Any dragonkin can probably do, he's just one of my favorites) and the Hopling. You want him to bring out his Magic type (Wyrmling) first (you may have to forfeit a couple times to achieve this) against your dragonkin. You will want to switch to the pet that is leveling after your proto-whelp dies, keep him in for one round, then switch to the Hopling because you'll need him to pound on his dragonkin.

Grand Master Payne
Location: Argent Tournament, Icecrown
Pet Level: 25
Types: Beast, Mechanical, Elemental
Weak Against: Mechanical, Elemental, Water
Strong Against: Critter, Beast, Mechanical
My choice for duo-ing: Do not try to duo him if you don't have some solid level 25's. I usually do it with my Anodized Robo-Cub and my Fel Flame. Make sure he brings out his beast (bear cub) first, and having your cub be the first one out. Make sure your Cub has Demolish, Repair, and Supercharge for his abilities, and the Fel Flame is up to you; all his abilities are elemental, I usually keep the base three. He may take a few tries. There's a stable master around the corner that you can heal at if you're having issues.

Grand Master Obalis
Location: Uldum
Pet Level: 25
Types: Beast, Flying, Critter
Weak Against: Mechanical, Magic, Beast
Strong Against: Humanoid, Aquatic, Undead
My choice for duo-ing: I can usually get through him with my Anodized Robo Cub and my Chrominius. Make sure the Cub has Demolish and Supercharge for his abilities, and make sure Obalis brings out his beast (snake) first, with your Cub. Chrominius should have Arcane Explosion, Ancient Blessing, and Ravage for his abilities.

Thundering Pandaren Spirit
Location: Edge of Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Kun-Lai Summit
Pet Level: 25
Types: Elemental, Critter, Beast
Weak Against: Aquatic, Beast, Mechanical
Strong Against: Mechanical, Undead, Critter
My choice for duo-ing: Yeah, don't. His last pet (Darnak, he's a mole or something) has an ability that plows through Mechanicals. So, I usually use Silkbead Snail (is a critter so isn't affected by his CC's, has dive to beat on his elemental - you can use any snail, really), Mr. Grubbs, and Anodized Robo-Cub. You want his Elemental to come out first. Apparently, the Fluxfire Feline is a better choice than the Robo-Cub for this fight, but I don't have a blue-quality one yet. :( You basically want a mechanical that, when it hits Darnak, one shots him.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit
Location: Jade Forest
Pet Level: 25
Types: Dragonkin, Critter (with flying abilities), Elemental
Weak Against: Humanoid, Beast, Aquatic
Strong Against: Magic, Undead, Mechanical
My choice for duo-ing: Sometimes RNG is mean to me and I don't duo it. If you're getting frustrated, stop duo-ing and just kill it. If you are duo-ing, I do it with my Hopling and Chrominius. Have the dragonkin come out first, have the Hopling beat him up.  When the Hopling dies, switch to your leveling pet, have him hit the current pet out, then bring out Chrominius. Chrominius should have Arcane Explosion, Ancient Blessing, and Ravage. Use Arcane Explosion and Ancient Blessing on CD until you can hit the critter with Ravage and get the healing bonus. Beat on the Elemental mercilessly, profit. This method is really RNG dependent, so don't feel stupid if you can't get it. Use your Silkbead Snail (or Rapena Whelk, or some other snail) for your third if you're getting frustrated.

Burning Pandaren Spirit
Location: Townlong Steppes
Pet Level: 25
Types: Dragonkin, Flying, Elemental
Weak Against: Humanoid, Magic, Aquatic
Strong Against: Magic, Aquatic, Mechanical
My choice for duo-ing: This is one I'm still trying to perfect, but I usually do it with my Hopling (Crush, Poison Lash are the important ones) and the Sprite Darter Hatchling (Slicing Wind, Life Exchange, and Moonfire). You want the dragonkin to come out first against your Hopling. Do Poison Lash first, then start hitting him with Crush. Elemental will come out, then beat on the elemental till the Hopling dies. Bring out the leveling pet for one hit, then switch to the Darter. Finish off the elemental however you want, then use Life Exchange for the first move against the flying type. Then use Moonfire, then Slicing Wind until he goes down.

Flowing Pandaren Spirit
Location: Dread Wastes
Pet Level: 25
Types: Aquatic, Critter, Elemental
Weak Against: Flying, Beast, Aquatic
Strong Against: Elemental, Undead, Mechanical
My choice for duo-ing: Careful here; both the Critter and the Elemental have an AoE ability, so don't bring a low-level as your leveler; usually I bring 21-24's here. They also all have Aquatic abilities, so don't even try to bring an elemental to the party. I usually duo it with my Guardian Cub and Silkbead Snail. Some people say the Anubisath Idol is amazing for this fight, but I haven't gotten mine to drop yet so I have no idea (RNG is a meanie).

On Tuesday, we'll explore the rest of the Grand Master Pet Trainers in Pandaria. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Well Met!

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