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Pet Leveling using Grand Master Pet Tamers, Part 2

I told you guys I would get back to it eventually, and I have delivered! It's part two of my leveling using Master Pet Tamers post. Now, I have these in a particular order, because I'm doing my dailies as I write the post. Remember, these assume that you have the dailies open and that you have several level 25's to work with.

The first post I wrote shared the Grand Masters that were not in Pandaria. Let me show you what my typical Pet Battle daily circuit looks like...

- Start in Shrine of the Seven Stars, port to Shattrath to go to SMV to fight Grand Master Antari.
- Use my Wrap of Unity to port to Stormwind, where I do Lydia Accoste near Karazhan, go back to SW, use the portal to Uldum and battle with Grand Master Obalis.
- Use my Argent Crusader's Tabard and go fight Grand Master Payne. Use my hearthstone and go back to the Shrine.
- Jump to my Hordie, who is parked in front of Grand Master Trixxy in Winterspring.
- Switch back to Fari and start the Pandaria circuit with Grand Master Aki.
- Fly to the Thundering Pandaren Spirit.
- Fly to the Jade Forest do the Whispering Pandaren Spirit.
- Fly down between Serpent's Heart and the Temple of the Jade Serpent to Grand Master Hyuna.
- Fly to the Valley of the Four Winds to Grand Master Nishi.
- Fly down to Krasarang and fight Grand Master Mo'ruk.
- Fly over to southern Dread Wastes to fight the Flowing Pandaren Spirit.
- Fly up near Klaxxi'vess for Grand Master Shu.
- Fly to Townlong Steppes to fight Grand Master Zusshi
- Fly to Northern Townlong Steppes to fight the Burning Pandaren Spirit.
- Fly over to Kota Peak in Kun-Lai to fight Grand Master Yon

There may be a better path, but at least this is how I do it! So, here we go (Links are above, so I'm not linking again).

Grand Master Aki 
Location: Vale of Eternal Blossoms, near the pond in front of Mogu'shan Palace.
Pet Level: 25
Types: Dragonkin, Critter, Aquatic
Weak Against: Humanoid, Beast, and Flying
Strong Against: Magic, Aquatic, Elemental
My choice for duo-ing: So, after taking the advice on WoWhead, I've found that the best way to get through this fight is with any of the Shale Hatchlings (I use the Topaz one - abilities are Leech Life, Sticky Web, and Stoneskin), and the Guardian Cub. Make sure his critter comes out first against your hatchling, put up Stoneskin and you will take no damage. Just keep ripping into him, keep Stoneskin up, and he'll eventually go down. Then, beat on the dragonkin; if you do it correctly, you'll get through the dragonkin too. Even if not, switch to the leveling pet, one hit so you get XP, then switch to your cub to rip through the otter.

Grand Master Hyuna

Location: The Jade Forest, on the road between Serpent's Heart and the Temple of the Jade Serpent.
Pet Level: 25
Types: Beast, Flying, Aquatic
Weak Against: Mechanical, Magic, Flying
Strong Against: Critter, Aquatic, Elemental
My choice for duo-ing: Anodized Robo-Cub (abilities: Demolish, Repair, Supercharge) and Guardian Cub (Abilities: Onyx Bite, Roar, Reckless Strike). Have the beast come out against your Robo Cub, use Supercharge and Demolish until you actually hit him, which will one-shot it. Continue demolishing the flying one until your Robo-Cub goes down, bring out your leveling pet for one hit, then switch to the Guardian Cub. Use Onyx Bite until the flying one will go down with one Roar. Hit the turtle twice to three times with Reckless Strike, profit.

Grand Master Nishi

Location: Valley of the Four Winds, southeast corner of the Heartland.
Pet Level: 25
Types: Elemental, Elemental, Beast
Weak Against: Aquatic, Aquatic, Mechanical.
Strong Against: Mechanical, Mechanical, Critter
My choice for duo-ing: Meet the wuss of all Grand Masters. She's absolutely horrible; her only pet that actually deals damage is her Grub (the beast). The others basically heal. I have soloed this before with Fishy (abilities: Surge, Cleansing Rain, Pump) but I usually keep another level 25 in my roster in case the grub knocks Fishy out. Doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it's not a critter (I usually use my Guardian Cub or Mr. Grubbs). Bring out the pet you're leveling first (I've had as low as a level 10 out and be fine; they go up to level 15 with all that XP), then Fishy, then have a blast. Only thing you really have to do is use Cleansing Rain every time it's off CD.

Grand Master Mo'ruk

Location: Krasarang Wilds, on the west part of the island west of Angler's Wharf.
Pet Level: 25
Types: Beast, Flying, Aquatic
Weak Against: Mechanical, Magic, Flying
Strong Against: Critter, Aquatic, Elemental
My choice for duo-ing: He's one I've messed around with a lot, and I think I finally found what I needed to find. I duo him with my Anodized Robo-Cub and the Sprite Darter Hatchling. Bring out the cub first, against his beast, rip through him with Supercharge and Demolish, Demolish through the fly until your cub goes down, bring out your leveling pet for a turn, then switch to your Darter. The Darter then uses magic abilities on the fly, then flying abilities on the turtle.

Grand Master Shu

Location: Dread Wastes
Pet Level: 25
Types: Elemental, Aquatic, Beast
Weak Against: Aquatic, Flying, Mechanical
Strong Against: Mechanical, Elemental, Critter
My choice for duo-ing: This one took me awhile to perfect, but I think I finally got it. I duo it with the Anodized Robo-Cub (abilities: Demolish, Repair, Supercharge) and the Sprite Darter Hatchling (abilities: Slicing Wind, Life Exchange, Moonfire ). I bring the Hatchling out first against his crab (aquatic) and beat the daylights out of him. Then, against the elemental, I use Life Exchange (because I'm usually down a lot at that point), Moonfire (to cancel out his Sandstorm) and beat on him until he goes down. Then, the Darter will likely go down against the beast, where I bring out the leveling pet, then my Robo-cub to knock him out. This may take a few tries: be patient!

Grand Master Zusshi

Location: Behind Niuzao Temple, Townlong Steppes
Pet Level: 25
Types: Critter, Elemental, Aquatic
Weak Against: Beast, Aquatic, Flying
Strong Against: Undead, Mechanical, Elemental
My choice for duo-ing: So I'm still testing this out, because I totally forgot this guy was even here, so I tried a few combinations this morning. The most successful ended up being Chuck (or any of the Shattrath Crocolisk in the City crocolisk babies - abilities: Rip, Surge, Blood in the Water) and the Sprite Darter Hatchling. Bring out Chuck first, against his elemental, and use Rip, then Blood in the Water, then Surge it to death. Then, Rip his critter. You'll likely die; if not, use Blood in the Water. Switch to your leveling pet, take a hit, then switch to the Darter (abilities - Slicing Wind, Life Exchange, Cyclone). Throw up a Cyclone, beat on him with Slicing Wind, use Life Exchange as needed but try to wait till his Aquatic comes out. Slicing Wind the Aquatic, victory.

Grand Master Yon

Location: Top of Kota Peak, Kun-Lai Summit
Pet Level: 25
Types: Flying, Critter, Beast
Weak Against: Magic, Beast, Mechanical
Strong Against: Aquatic, Undead, Critter
My choice for duo-ing: I love Chrominius (abilities: Arcane Explosion, Ancient Blessing, Ravage) for this fight. He comes out first against the chicken (flying), alternates between Arcane Explosion and Ancient Blessing (when off CD) until he can kill the chicken with a Ravage (to get the healing). Then, he Ravages the critter (bunny) and just dies against the beast (goat). Switch to your leveling pet for a turn, then switch to the Fluxfire Feline. I only use this here in case Chrominius dies against the bunny; I really don't like the Fluxfire Feline because he's squishy. But, he has a good beast ability (Claw) and can get the goat down with a good Wind-Up.

So, there we go: how I get through the Grand Master Tamers in order to level pets quickly. How do you do it? How into pet battles have you gotten? Share some thoughts in the comments, and we'll see you back here on Thursday!

Well Met!

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  1. Thank you! A very nice list, and it gives me some ideas for my own duos! :)

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