Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tips for Getting Pro Pet Mob

Pro Pet Mob was one of the most painstaking pet battle achievements that you could work toward, to date. Getting 75 pets to level 25 is a real hassle, but let me tell you, I did it. It felt like it took forever (and I ended up taking a week off from pet stuff after) but it was done, and I got my fancy little singing cricket and a happy little achievement. It was great, I was proud of myself, the end.

Are you still working toward it? Do you want some tips and tricks for getting into pet battling? Here's some of the stuff I did in order to start on my Pokemon, sorry, pet battle, journey.

1. Get All Pets Allowed, first. Do it. You know you want to. You want a pet of each type at 25 so the trainers are somewhat easier as you go. And they are!

My first max level pets:
Flying- Shrine Fly
Dragonkin - Wild Jade Hatchling
Mechanical - Clockwork Gnome
Beast - Mr. Grubbs (I love Grubbs. So much.)
Undead - Infected Fawn
Critter - Marsh Fiddler (my first Pandaria rare, that was my only logic)
Magic - Nordrassil Wisp
Elemental - Fel Flame
Aquatic - Fishy (upgraded with an Aquatic Battle Stone)
Humanoid - Hopling

Now, I will tell you, I did these to get the achievement. Hindsight's 20/20, so here's the ones that I would suggest (based on how often I use them for dailies myself).

Flying - Guardian Cub. He's got magic abilities available, and his flying hits hard.
Dragonkin - Emerald Proto-Whelp and Chrominius. If you're looking for something to go against Magic, go with the Emerald Proto-whelp - he hits hard and has a heal. Chrominius has magic abilities and beast abilities available, making him awesome against fighting types, and he has a heal too.
Mechanical - Clockwork Gnome and the Anodized Robo-Cub tie for favorites, depending on the fight.
Beast - Still Grubbs. He has critter abilities available, and he's beastly.
Undead - I really don't use an Undead that often, so I don't think this one matters much. Grab your highest level undead and go from there.
Critter- Rapena Whelk or Silkbead Snail. You'll need them to fight the Pandaria Elementals.
Magic- Jade Owl (upgraded with a Flying stone to rare). He doesn't have flying abilities, but is great against Aquatic types due to their resistance to water attacks.
Elemental - Fel Flame. Immolate + Conflagrate = Ouch, even if the pet you're fighting isn't mechanical.
Aquatic - Fishy or Tiny Goldfish, upgraded with an Aquatic stone. They use all water attacks and they're the high-powered, plow through you types.
Humanoid - Hopling, hands down. He's faster than the Feral Vermling, he hits harder and has an interrupt if he's faster than the pet he's fighting. The achievement to get him is pretty easy, too. Just clear out Stormstout Brewery, run back to the beginning, get the ale needed and start running around the empty instance looking for the golden hoplings.

2. Open up all of the Master Pet Trainer Dailies. You'll do this while working on All Pets Allowed, because you'll have to in order to start getting your pets to 25. So, open those babies up - they give more XP than what you get from fighting pets in the wild, and the top pet trainer for Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, and Cataclysm give bags that can give you battle stones to upgrade your pets to rare. Every single Pandaria daily (including the elementals) gives these bags as well.

On top of getting extra XP for each battle, this will eventually lead to you getting Taming the World, which gives you the best pet battle item ever - The Safari Hat. Extra XP anyone?

3.Take advantage of Northrend, Cataclysm, and Pandaria wild pets. When captured, these pets are usually over level 20. You don't have to level your pets from level 1, you just have to get them to level 25. Getting a pet from 20-25 is a heck of a lot easier than 1-25, or even 10-25.

4. Patience and persistence. Be patient! It takes time and planning in order to figure out what you're doing and get the hang of it. Some people I know do spreadsheets and whatnot, I just kind of went out there and tried stuff. Just be patient and keep plugging away!

If you want even more detailed stuff about pet battles, my friend Kia has been working on a pet battle series on her blog on and off. Check out what she has- her stuff is a heck of a lot more expansive than mine, and she's a wealth of information!

I'll try to do a post in the next week or two about how I duo most of the Master Pet Trainers so I can level the third slot, and yes, I do do it, and quite frequently.

Are you an avid pet battler like I am? Have you gotten Pro Pet Mob yet? What are you doing to achieve your pet battle dreams and be the very best like no one ever was? Am I going to get nailed for that because of copyright issues? Don't do that to me Pokemon.

Well Met!

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