Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Take a Break from Pet Series to Bring You... Add-ons.


Is a post.


Is a post about how freaking cold it is outside and how much that makes me ACHE.


Actually, no this is a post because I wanted to talk a little about ADD-ONS.

I'm an avid addon user. I... love add-ons. I have so many RANDOM add-ons that it's ridiculous. I use add-ons for everything. I used the original Quest Helper before they put it in the game interface. At this point, I have 47 add-ons installed. Okay, I didn't even realize that.

I use the Curse Client (not the premium; the plain client is free) in order to maintain and organize my add-ons. Curse is good people. Go premium if you want/have the means to do so, they're good people.

I won't list out all my add-ons here, because we'll be here for the next century, but let me tell you about the ones I can't function without.

General Purpose Stuff: 

Altoholic. On my main account, I have 11 toons on WrA. I have 3 on another server, 2 on another, 5 on yet another, and one random one that I don't recall making. When you can't remember where the crap you put your heirlooms, this is the add-on for you. Pop what you're looking for in the search bar, it'll tell you which of your toons has it. You can also link professions and other stuff from other toons.

Auctionator/Auctioneer. I use both because I like aspects of both. I prefer Auctionator, and that's the only one I have on my craptop.  They make listing and searching for auctions easier.

Combuctor.  I hate having several little bags. Combuctor makes all of your little bags into one big bag. It does the same thing with your bank.

DBM (current, Wrath, BC and Vanilla, and Cataclysm).  I need something screaming at me when I raid and do dungeons, okay? Don't judge me.

GatherMate2. Shows where previous nodes were gathered. Helps with gathering professions (herbing and mining), the locations of treasure chests, and even archaeology.

Postal. Makes dealing with my mailbox easier. I've used it so long I don't remember what it does differently :D.

TitanPanel. I love this add-on. It's probably my favorite. It gives you a bar at the top of your screen where you can keep track of a variety of things, including how much gold you have on your current server, the time (which is handy; I set that time to my time and keep the in-game clock to server time), how much time it will take for me to hit the next level (if I'm leveling), and my current coordinates.

WIM. WoW Instant Messenger makes communicating better; instead of having all of your conversations in one or two windows, it makes a little pop-up window for each conversation. Makes it easier for people like me who may have 38491829 conversations going on at once.

So these are my general purpose add-ons, but the next part is probably what you care about if you're visiting The Achievement Warrior, amirite?

What you actually care about - Achievements: 

NPC-Scan, NPC-Scan Overlay, and Silver Dragon. Are you a rare spawn hunter? Yep, me too. I'm well on my way to Glorious!, I only have 14 more to go. I use NPC-Scan and Silver Dragon together just in case I haven't cleared my cache in awhile. Silver Dragon picks up NPC's that you merely mouse over or fly by, whether they're in your cache or not.

Acki's Recipe List. Even though there aren't achievements for collecting all of the recipes available, it's another fun thing for a completionist like me to try and do. Click on the "scan" button in your profession window(s) and see what recipes you still need to complete your collection!

Archy. How I love you, Archy. How I love how easy you make doing Archaeology by showing me my dig sites, what type they are, and shows yardage and other such things between digs. It's great.

Factionizer. I'm a reputation fiend. I didn't play in Vanilla and I'm exalted with the Hydraxian Waterlords. I became exalted with the Zandalari Tribe before they took that reputation out. I have The Insane title. Factionizer makes being a reputation fiend a heck of a lot easier. It adds a window to your factions that shows you what you can do (and how many times) in order to get closer to exalted reputations.

GupPet. Is this an achievement one? I think so, considering it will tell you what pets can drop from mobs if you don't have them when you scroll over the mob. But the best part about it? When you have several hundred pets and/or over 170 mounts (like me), it gives you buttons. Those two buttons allow you to mount a random mount or summon a random pet. That way, you don't have to waste space on your action bars, and you can use all those mounts you worked your butt off for.

Raid Achievement. I discovered this about a year ago when I was working on ICC achievements. It alerts you when you've met the requirements for an achievement (or have totally bombed it along with who's fault it was that it bombed). This makes those counting achievements (like Been Waiting a Long Time for This) a heck of a lot easier to track.

TomTom. The newest addition to my arsenal of achievement add-ons, TomTom allows you to make a list of coordinates and then marks them on your maps. This helps with achievements like Treasure of Pandaria and, if you don't use NPC Scan overlay, you can put in the coordinates of the rare spawns you seek.

So, what add-ons do you use? This is in no way an exclusive list, just a list of what I use in order to make my gaming experience fun and convenient.

Until Thursday!

Well Met!

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