Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I Would Add to the Warrior Class

I love playing a warrior. A big, beefy, hulking Dwarf wailing around maces and taking down his foes. Full on plate-donning beastly mess.

This week, Blog Azeroth's Shared Topic is "What would you add to your class?" posted by Effy of Awaiting the Muse. I started checking out the Blog Azeroth community a few months ago, and now I'm going to try and start participating in their shared topics and such some more. I really like a lot of blogs on there, so make sure to check them out and give them some love.

Anyway, I've thought about this question a lot, and I think Blizzard has done really well with the warrior class overall. Additions to the arsenal such as Heroic Leap and talents like Double Time have really helped with the mobility issues I dealt with in Wrath. My survivability has gotten even better because of things like Die by the Sword, which has helped me to save a handful of LFR groups when a tank has gone down and someone's mid battle rez.

But Blizzard, Blizzard, you could do one more thing in order to make my class more wonderful. More lovely. More bearable.

Can I please, please PLEASE have a threat dump? PLEASE?

I've been begging for years Blizzard.

Yes, yes, I know. I'm a berserking monster that wants to rip into your face. I am a mighty Dwarf that should not have to worry about getting threat.

But then I run into a group and pop Bladestorm and Bloodbath.

What? If you played a warrior you'd do it too. 300k burst damage tastes good. But it's so bad I have to count to 15 before I can do it in Terrace LFR.

Yes, I know, the other tanking classes (save Druids) have no threat dump. Yes, I know, Warriors are already too OP this expansion, when the crap with Second Wind in PvP was going on. Warriors are kicking butt on DPS charts, the only thing Warriors aren't exceptionally good at is tanking, where they're mediocre. I haven't seen many raid groups have a Warrior as a tank.

So, yes, I am an entitled DPS and I need a threat dump because you are a tank and can't handle my crazy AoE which results in stupid amounts of threat which results in me going down because of you.








What would I do? I would throw it in the arsenal of shouts. It would look something like this:

Frightening Shout. The Warrior lets out an angry shout, causing mobs to tremble for 3 seconds and reducing threat.

See? It's kind of a stun, and a teeny bit of a threat dump. Reduce that threat from that Bladestorm that just ripped threat off of every crappy tank ever.


I'm really full of it. I've joked forever and ever that I wanted a threat dump because I have a horrible habit of pulling threat off of tanks. And these are good tanks, including Nim. I just act irresponsibly and pop CD's before they have threat. I'm really not this much of a jerk, I promise. I really appreciate tanks and healers, because I could never do those sorts of things without causing myself and my whole dungeon or raid group endless amounts of anxiety.

A threat dump would be nice, though, Blizzard. I can hope, right?

What skills would you add to your class of choice if you could? Check out Blog Azeroth's community to see what my fellow bloggers have to say!

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  1. We monks do actually have a threat drop, although we have to glyph into it: Retreat, which modifies Roll to include a threat reduction. I think it's a plate-wearing thing, being unable to feign unimportant. You lot should use less armour polish.

  2. As a healer who raids with a very high damage-dealing warrior, I support this demand for a threat dump! Ie, I'm tired of peeling his ass up off the pavement. >_>