Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Darkmoon Faire Week!

One of the best things that Blizzard did pre-MoP is Darkmoon Faire island. The Darkmoon Faire wasn't really exciting for a long time - the only real way to earn reputation was handing in the Darkmoon Decks, which gave you minuscule amounts of reputation and trinkets and other items that weren't worth anything now that we're at 90. I did it the old way - it was absolutely horrible. But then, in the pre-MoP patch, we got the Darkmoon Faire Island - a huge improvement!

If you haven't gone to check the new Darkmoon Faire out, do it. The reason I'm even talking about it is because it's this week! It's awesome for characters of every level, and here are a bunch of reasons why.

Profession monthlies. These are amazing, especially for alts that you want max professions on, but don't want to deal with getting the Spirits of Harmony for them? Or you're stuck in the Outland and/or Northrend phase and want a bit of a kick forward? You can do these once a month at the Darkmoon Faire; they're available for every profession and you get 5 skill-ups. Pretty sweet.

Darkmoon Carousel. This just got added in 5.1, and most people aren't aware of it. This carousel gives you both a 10% XP gain (if you're leveling) and a 10% reputation gain. You buy a book of ride tickets for 1g (before discounts), which has 5 tickets. You ride the Carousel and gain "WHEE." For every few seconds you're on the carousel, you add 5 minutes of the buff. This stacks up to 60 minutes, similar to the buff that you get during Midsummer festival and other holidays. That's Auddrey, my shaman, riding the carousel.

Fishing nodes. There are these amazing fishing nodes all around the island (even the parts that you can't reach unless you swim or use water walking) that have materials from the current expansion of content. Before MoP, they had Cata mats; now they have MoP mats. And you can get almost anything imaginable in there... I've never gotten a Mote of Harmony, but I get a lot of cloth, ore (even Trillium), herbs, and whatnot.

Old gear sets. This is where the tickets come in. There are some daily games that you can do, and there are hand-ins too, that you can hand in to get tickets. These tickets can get a lot of things, including the Dungeon Set 1 and Dungeon Set 2 that were removed... um. They were removed awhile ago, I just have no idea when. They're really nice sets though, and they're BoE so that you can sell them on the AH!

Pets and Mounts. The other end of tickets- pets and mounts! There are several pets and two mounts (including the Darkmoon Dancing Bear, shown to the right by Halya, my hunter) that you can get with tickets. It's a bit faster to get tickets now than it was at first, but it takes a few months to get all the mounts and pets available. If you already collected the pets pre-5.1, make sure you go back to get the Darkmoon Hatchling, which came out with 5.1.

And, of course... there's a pet battle! 

Yes, the Darkmoon Faire does have a pet battle. Meet Jeremy Feasel, who gives you the Darkmoon Pet Supplies, which can contain the Darkmoon Eye. Here's the breakdown!

Location: Darkmoon Faire - note: It costs you a Darkmoon Faire Token
Level: 25
Types: Magic, Mechanical, Beast
Weak against: Dragonkin, Elemental, Mechanical
Strong against: Flying, Beast, Critter.
My choice for duo-ing: I usually don't, but I decided to try this week. My usual combo is the Emerald Proto-Whelp, the Fel Flame and the Anodized Robo-Cub. This week, I had several elementals around 20-22 that I decided to try, and it worked out fine. So, my suggestion? As long as the leveling pet is one of the types that is strong against his pets (or has abilities that are strong against his), go for it. Otherwise, don't try, cause all three pets have some really hard-hitting abilities. I've found the best result is when his Magic one comes out first.

What do you like about the new Darkmoon Faire? Have you checked it out at all? Share some thoughts in the comments, have a great day, and we'll see you back here on Thursday.

Well met!

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