Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Current State of Gaming... maybe more ideas?

Before I get started, why don't you check out The Achievement Warrior's Facebook page? I've gotten lots of new readers in the past few weeks, and I'm excited that this crazy little warrior has caught your fancy and you've joined us here.

No, don't panic! I'm not leaving WoW! I promise! I love WoW way too much to leave. I'm just someone that likes to have a variety of things to do. To be honest, I really only level with my Juhles, run LFR with Nim, Jay, and Juhles, and do pet battles. Because Pokemon, man. Is there a WoW pet like Charizard? I like Charizard.

Anyway, I've been looking for games to try as of recent. Just new stuff to do with my friends and to entertain myself at all hours of the day (and night). Here are some things I've been trying and my level of success with them...

Minecraft. I actually love Minecraft. I got it this past week to start playing with Juhles, and I absolutely love it. Part of the reason, I'll admit, is because I love Legos. This is also the blog edition where I get sued for copyright issues k? Anyway, Juhles and I started to play in our own little world, and it's been a lot of fun. The creepers are creepy, man! It was definitely worth the money for me to check it out.

Civilization 4. I'm stupid when it comes to this game. I've had it for months (I got it in a package of like 5 games on Amazon and downloaded through Steam) and I... haven't gotten anywhere. I may have to do a tutorial or a walkthrough, because I just don't get it yet. I'm really... slow, when it comes to learning new games and such.

Diablo 3. I was one of the many who got D3 for free with the WoW Annual Pass. It was worth it... I played WoW through that year with no breaks, and I got D3 for free. It was worth free - Nim, Jay, and I played for  the lull between Cataclysm and MoP. Did I like it? Sure. Did I love it? Not really. I may pick it up again for giggles.

Guild Wars 2. No, no, no, no. You know how I said I'm slow? The learning curve for this game is huge for someone like me. And, even though the graphics are amazing, the style of graphics actually makes me a little seasick. Yay motion sickness.

And, on the other hand, here's some stuff I'm considering. It's weird to consider stuff again, I just like to add to my gaming repertoire from time to time.

SWTOR. I played on the 2 weeks free thing that they had available shortly after it came out, and I liked it. It was fun. That was about a year ago, though, and I wasn't going to drop the money for that and a monthly subscription. Anyway, now it's gone free-to-play, and Amazon has it for $11: It's definitely high on my "maybe" list, and Juhles expressed interest in trying it as well.

Asking for a 3DS for my birthday. Yes, I know that seems really weird, but I've considered it, so I can try some of the fun games that they have available on there. And new Pokemon.... because I love Pokemon. As a casual gamer, I'm a Nintendo loyalist. I have one of the first Wii's that were out in the US (yes, during the great shortage, my mom and brother nabbed one that I ended up with). The original Nintendo came out in the US the year I was born. It was destiny, friends.

The Secret World. This wasn't even on my radar until Nim and Jay started playing it with Nim's college friends. It sounds really interesting from what they've told me - especially the questing and leveling content. I'm not sure it's really high on my radar, but it may be worth a try.

What do you think the achievement warrior should be playing with? You guys have been reading and watching me for awhile; what do you think I'd like?

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