Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The State of Life

Last week, the President did the State of the Union address. This week, I'll do my "State of Life" post. Just because. Really. Life is looking up, and I'm glad for it.

Where I was: 

Anyway, I was away for a week again, visiting my Juhles in Florida. I knew it would likely be the last chance to visit her family (and, of course, her) before I "sold my soul" to what I thought would be the fast food industry because trying to find work in rural Pennsylvania sucks. It was a lovely visit; we watched a lot of movies, lounged around a lot, and just generally had a lot of fun. It's always good to see Juhles. :)


Most of you know that I've been out of work for a good, long while. I had an interview a couple of weeks ago that I thought I was going to nail because I know the owners of the place... but a former employee applied and they got the job instead. I hadn't heard anything for weeks. Monday morning I got two messages - one from the local grocery store for a two day a week shelf stocking job (which is perfect for my social anxiety), the other being an online job doing tweets and Facebook posts for a company. I have other jobs coming in too... I found out about a freelancing website that I absolutely love using, and my finances may be on the way up (finally). Both my interviews are today.

Note: if you're interested in looking for freelancing jobs, hit me up for a reference to a website that I just started using (I get some more credits to apply to gigs from referring people).

In game:

In game, well... haven't been in game a lot. The in-between patch lull, I cannot wait for 5.2; the raid looks amazing, the PvP changes are great, and just everything. Everything. Everything k? Everything. Later this week I'll put up a post about what I'm excited for in 5.2. Most of what I've been doing is pet battles and trying to get the 480 necks from Love is in the Air. Make sure you do that this week, especially if you have fresh 90s... it's a really nice neck that's only a little below the quality of the Klaxxi ones, and for no valor! And, you get 25 valor in the Heart-shaped box.


I've mentioned on here before that I was in graduate school for my Master's in Youth Ministry. Due to my mental health and financial situation, along with the fact that it was starting to kill me spiritually and hurt my passion for working with teenagers, I decided to withdraw. It's not a permanent decision; I will go back, but it's not going to be for awhile.

So yep, that's my State of Life. Keep me in mind today for those job interviews - I really need to land them, or I'm going to have to go to fast food... which I did in high school. No thanks.

Back to normal writing this week. Until next time!

Well Met!

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