Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Coming soon to TAW!

Goooooood morning to all of my readers!

So, yeah. 5.2 has eaten my brain, and my new jobs have gotten me all over the place. BUT, it's snowing today, so I don't have to work. Which means that I'll have time to do some stuff. You'll be seeing some updates from me soon, including, but not limited to:

- Finally finishing the last 2 Pandaria reputations that I didn't cover yet (August Celestials and Operation: Shieldwall).
- My first impressions of 5.2
- Revamping my pet battle stuff for 5.2, including a total makeover of a couple guides due to the changes (mechanicals, why do you SUCK now?)
- A guide for the "epic" (yeah, they weren't as cool as I hoped) pet battles.
- Other stuff and things, k.

So yes, keep your eyes peeled. I have topics now (I was struggling for them at the end of 5.1), and I'll try to start writing regularly again!

Well met!

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