Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lore Rant Incoming - Thoughts on 5.3 Lore

Before you start reading this, if you don't want any spoilers on stuff that is coming up in 5.3 (and, subsequently, 5.4), don't read this. If you do, continue to read.

Another disclaimer - I bleed Alliance. Do I like the Horde? Absolutely, I think they're really cool (I love Tauren and Trolls the most). But if you ask me what faction I play, I'm for the Alliance. My favorite race is the Dwarves, followed closely by Worgen (done correctly, not that feral crap), and Night Elves. Look at most of the characters that I post pictures of; once in a blue moon you'll get a picture of one of my Tauren, but, overall, it's my Ally toons.

After reading that, I imagine that you already know what I'm going to approach: Yes, the datamined files about what is going on in Pandaria in regards to the Horde. And the siege of Orgrimmar that will be occurring in 5.4.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check it out.

Yes, Vol'jin is going to be kicking some major butt. And guess what? This is what I wanted. 

- Insert Alliance butthurt here-

Oh wait, that thread already did that. I forgot. Alliance whining and crying that "Oh, the Horde is getting the story again, isn't it terrible and horrible we never get good things." "Oh noes, Vol'jin's going to be doing this? This is horrible."

Shut up. Just, just shut up. For once. Get your head out of your butt and shut up. Last I checked, even though Tirion Fordring was a member of a neutral faction, last I checked, he was human. And, oh look, he's the one credited with taking down the Lich King.

So yes, Alliance, shut your mouths.

Yes, the Horde has done some really bad crap to the Alliance this expansion. But why in the world would it be legit to have VARIAN lead the force into Orgrimmar? Think about it. Yes, let's randomly siege Orgrimmar without the help and/or leadership of the Horde. Because that will go smoothly. As much as I know Alliance players would like to think that they're the United States and can walk in and be the Azerothian police and try to restore peace and such because they're so freaking amazing, right? Right? 

Yes, I just made a political statement. Go ahead, call me unAmerican. It's okay. I can take it.

To those Alliance players that are whining about this, it's perfectly logical in lore. Go do the "Dagger in the Dark" Scenario. See how badly Garrosh screwed Vol'jin over.

Here's a hint - he almost had him assassinated. Vol'jin got stabbed in the neck and probably should have died.

Wouldn't you be mad, Alliance? Or is it only justified when it's Alliance? 

But wait Fari, wait, Anduin almost got killed by Garrosh. Wait, wait, doesn't that give the Alliance credence to kill Garrosh? Absolutely! But why does it have to be Alliance lead? Once again, going into Orgrimmar without the support and backing of Horde leadership will only end poorly. 

And for those of you that said that Vol'jin stood by and let Garrosh kill the innocents in Theramore? Bullcrap. Yes, he was in on the initial assault, but he knew nothing of the mana bomb and was totally devastated when such a horrible thing happened to Theramore. Lives were lost and Vol'jin was at a loss. He and Baine were upset by the genocidal actions of their "warchief" (Source).

I can't wait for the Vol'jin book to come out so that we get more of this story, because I'd like to see what is going on behind the scenes. We just know the beginning of the outcome.

And on top of all that, I hope Vol'jin's the one to defeat Garrosh.

So, now that I'm done ticking off every Alliance player that reads my blog, what do you think? Do you think that it's a legit way to do the Siege on Orgrimmar? Or do you think I'm just a big fat jerk?

Well Met!

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