Friday, March 1, 2013

The Lull in-between Patches

Earlier this week, I talked about how excited I was about 5.2 and about how I'm really glad that Blizzard has gotten on top of getting content out faster. But here's something I've noticed with that. It seems to be give and take. Sure, it's great to get more content more quickly, but it also means we're getting less content at a time.

For example, 5.1 was a small patch, and all that it really brought with it was Operation: Shieldwall and the Dominance Offensive. Was the storyline good? Absolutely! One of the things I've loved about this expansion is that it's a lot better at the story-telling aspect than Cataclysm was (but nothing can come close to Wrath, sorry). I really need to go do the 5.1 storyline Hordeside (heck, I need to do Pandaria Hordeside still. I'm being lazy, don't judge me). Anyway, the story is great. But, I was done with all of it in about a month.

It's been since November or so that 5.1 has been out. I've done LFR, I'm on the second stage of the Black Prince stuff and I have no dailies to do (I'm not in a huge rush to get that stupid valor). I do the second half of Heart of Fear once a week (give me my chestpiece, please), I get on to do pet battles, sometimes I putz around and do some achievements, sometimes I level, sometimes I PvP. Granted, I'm working more now, but I don't spend half the time on WoW that I used to. And that's okay - I feel like it was taking up too much time for too long of a time.

To be honest, most of my WoW time in this lull is spent on pet battles. If you could see the charts and guides that Nim and I have been working on.... oh, wait! You will. We'd like to have it out sometime this month if possible. Hours and hours of work on both our ends has gone into this, so hopefully it will be of use to all of you Pokemon  battle pet masters. I'm excited to see how much this will help people.

The lulls are actually good for me. They encourage me to chill out and do some other stuff. I've been trying out SWTOR lately (I have a level 22 Cyborg Smuggler - it's great) and putzing around on Minecraft with Juhles from time to time. I've been writing more for some freelancing gigs, I've been getting trained at work... life is a lot better than it has been. I'm not saying it's because of the lull, but the lull is allowing me to enjoy it more, you know?

I think the lulls are good. Why? Because some people, like me, have addictive personalities and are completionists. These small patches allow me to satiate my "need" to complete stuff without totally controlling my life. And I'm not saying this as OMG I'M ADDICTED K. But video game addiction is legit - what if Blizzard realizes this is a way to combat that a little? People stay subscribed to play some, but they're done with the content in a relatively normal amount of time.

Is it a problem? Sometimes. Some people complain of being bored between patches, and I get that, but really, is it that bad? Not in my opinion, but that's because I know how I can be. Maybe you think differently, but that's the great thing about the internet - you can have an opinion, so can I. And we're both right because well, it's the internet.

That being said, how do you feel about the lull? Are you frustrated that there isn't enough content? Or do you enjoy the time to do "whatever you want" in and out of game?

Until next week!

Well met!

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