Friday, April 3, 2015

Time to Battle!

TrackingSo, pick out what pet you want to battle with. At this point, go into your “tracking” (the little magnifying glass on your mini-map) and click on it. Make sure that “Track Pets” is checked, and then suddenly, your mini-map will show these little green paw prints. Those paw prints will show you the location of pets that you can battle.

SquirrelWhen you fly (or walk, or ride) to one of those green paw prints, you will have your first encounter with a battle pet. This is a level 1 Squirrel that you can battle against whichever starter beast you chose.  In order to start a pet battle, right click on the pet. Then, your UI will change.

Important: Sometimes it will tell you your battle area is obstructed. Adjust where you’re standing; you may just be in an odd spot that doesn't have enough room. You can usually resolve this problem, but if not, just try a different pet to battle.

1 - Your pet. This is the pet that you currently have in battle. It will show its icon, its name, and its rarity. If the box around your pet’s icon is gold, that means your pet is faster and will go first in battle, unless the opposing pet has an ability that “always goes first."
2 - Your pet’s health bar. This shows how much health your pet has left. When it hits zero, your pet is dead, and cannot battle and will not earn any XP.
3 - Your reserve pets. These are the icons of the other two pets that are not currently in combat.
4 - The opposing pet. Just like your side, this is the opposing pet’s name and its rarity. Here are the rarities:
    • Gray-  Poor
    • White – Common
    • Green- Uncommon
    • Blue – Rare
    • Purple- Epic (only against trainers, not currently capturable)
    • Orange – Legendary (only against trainers, not currently capturable.

      Just like the other items you find in game, the different colors show how good they are. If you’re just catching for your collection, go ahead and catch a gray or white quality; I usually try to capture at least a green-quality pet, but I prefer blues. There will be more about rarity and “breeds” of pets later on in this guide.
5 - Opposing pet’s health bar. It hits zero, it’s over.
6 - Opposing pet’s reserve pets. When they’re all gone, you win! Wild pet levels 1-4 only have 1 pet. At level 5, you battle 2 pets; at level 15, you battle 3 pets.
7 - Your pet’s abilities. You can also see these in the pet journal. Pay attention to the little arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the abilities – if there is a green arrow there, that ability will be more effective against the current pet in battle; if it’s red, it’s less effective.
8 - Switch pet. Switch your current pet for another pet in your lineup.
9 - Trap. The quality of this trap will change when you get certain achievements; this is the “Pokeball” of World of Warcraft. You can’t capture PC or NPC’s owned pets, but wild pets can be captured and added to your arsenal. You cannot capture until the opposing pet is at 35% HP or less.
10 - Forfeit. If you don’t want to waste your time battling a pet, think you’re going to get slaughtered anyway, or have to go AFK for an undetermined period of time, you can forfeit. No XP is gained and no pets are captured if you forfeit. 

Anatomy of a Pet Battle

For this example, I’m going to be using my Orange Tabby Cat against a Squirrel. Obviously, it’s going to be different depending on what happens in your battle (there is a bit of luck in this as well), but this will give you the general idea.

Orange Tabby Cat: Level 1 Beast, 145 HP, uncommon quality, 11 AP, 10 speed. Ability: Claw (Beast)
Squirrel: Level 1 Critter, 123 HP, uncommon quality, 9 AP, 13 speed. Ability: Scratch (Critter)

First turn: Squirrel goes first, uses Scratch, 19 damage. (Orange Tabby now has 126 HP)
 Orange Tabby Cat goes second, uses Claw, 46 damage (Strong). (Squirrel now has 77 HP)

Second turn: Squirrel goes first, uses Scratch, misses. (Orange Tabby now has 126 HP)
 Orange Tabby Cat goes second, uses Claw, 44 damage (Strong). (Squirrel now has 33 HP)

Third turn: Squirrel goes first, uses Scratch, misses (Orange Tabby now has 126 HP)
  Orange Tabby Cat goes second, uses Claw, 45 damage (Strong). (Squirrel has now died)

Orange Tabby Cat gains 55 XP and reaches level 2.

And that's it! Seems relatively simple, right? Good! Then let's go on to Part 3! 

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