Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting Started with Pet Battles

So you want to start out with pet battles but you don’t have a ton of pets in your collection? Are you a low level played wanting to check out the fun that can be had in pet battles? This guide is going to help you get started.

First off, you need to go to your faction’s trainer. In Stormwind, you’ll find Audrey Burnhep back behind the Dwarven District. In Orgrimmar, you’ll find Varzok up near the Undercity and Stranglethorn Zeppelin Tower. There are pet battle trainers in the other cities and some of the major towns, but I went right to Audrey. She (or Varzok, if you’re Horde) gives you a short questline to start your Pet Battle adventures, and, after you do some of that, she’ll have a pet available to you depending on what your character’s race is:

Draenei - Blue Moth
Dwarf & Gnome- Snowshoe Rabbit
Human - Orange Tabby Cat
Night Elf- Great Horned Owl
Worgen- Gilnean Raven
Blood Elf - Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling
Goblin- Shore Crawler
Orc & Troll- Black Kingsnake
Tauren- Brown Prairie Dog
Undead- Undercity Cockroach
Pandaren- Jade Crane Chick

Even though your pet battle training is account wide, you can always go and see Audrey or Varzok on your alts and learn the pets for the other races. Almost every one of these pets is available at a vendor in or near the starting area of each race. The exceptions to this are the Worgen, the Goblins, and the Pandaren, probably due to the fact that their starting areas are phased and inaccessible after you leave.

You’ll only be able to start with one pet in your arsenal. My opinion is that you should start with either the Kingsnake or the Orange Tabby Cat.

The Kingsnake and the Orange Tabby are both beasts, and many of the level 1 pets you will come across are either critters or beasts. I prefer Stormwind because everything that you will encounter there is a critter; Orgrimmar, on the other hand, has beasts in the mix. It’s not bad to level in Orgrimmar, I’m just telling you which I prefer.

In order to choose the pet that you would like to battle, hit Shift + P. Your mount, toy, heirloom, and pet journal will come up at this point. On the bottom, you’ll see tabs that tell you what page you’re on. Go to your pet journal, which will look like this:

Pet battle

  1. This is your list of pets. This includes a search function, where you can find exactly what pet you’re looking for. You can use the filter to look for a pet from a specific family, the pet’s source, and you can sort by level, rarity, type, or name.
  2. This is where you look at the pet you have selected in your journal. It shows their pet family, how many hit points (HP) they have, their attack power, their speed, the abilities they have available, their rarity, and how many experience points (XP) they have (if not 25).
  3. This is your first battle slot. This will be the pet that comes out first in battle.
  4. This is your second battle slot, which isn’t opened until (figure out when)
  5. This is your third battle slot, which isn’t opened until (figure out when)
  6. You use this to go into the queue for a PvP pet battle.
  7. This is how you revive your pets. You can also earn bandages (which we’ll discuss in the “bags” part of the guide) and go to a stable master to revive your dead pets after battle.
Now that you know what pets you should be using at first, let's take a look at the anatomy of a battle. 

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