Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Darkmoon Faire Pet Battles!

This week is the Darkmoon Faire, and there are two pet battles that you can do in order to ensure that you can get some fun pets and other fun prizes. The Darkmoon Eye is a nice little Magic pet that has a big arsenal when it comes to magic abilities, and Syd the Squid is a magic pet that has great aquatic coverage, if that's something that you're looking for.

In order to get these pets, you have to be lucky and get them from the pet supply bags from the two pet trainers at the Darkmoon Faire, which always starts the first Sunday (after the first Saturday) of the month. Darkmoon Pet Supplies, which you get from beating Jeremy Feasel, can contain the Darkmoon Eye. Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies, which you get from beating Christoph VonFeasel, can contain Syd the Squid. These are daily quests, but you can only do them once per account; make sure you do them every day so that you have the best chance of getting the pets to drop.

So, of course, you came here to find out what the best teams were for battling these two, right? Good! Cause that's what I have for you.

Jeremy Feasel (Judgement, Honky-Tonk, and Fezwick)

Jeremy is definitely the easier of the two if you have enough pets to level 25. There is probably a way to use him for leveling, but he doesn't give a lot of pet XP, so it's not worth the stress. Anyway, the team I use for him is the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Breath, Bombing Run, and Decoy); the Fel Flame (Burn, Immolate, and Conflagrate), and the Darkmoon Tonk (Missile, Shock and Awe, and Lock On).

Start with your Pandaren Dragonling, put up your Decoy, use Bombing Run, then spam the heck out of Breath until Judgement goes down. When Honky-Tonk comes out, use Bombing Run again, then Breath until the Dragonling dies. Bring out the Fel Flame at this point, and use Immolate, then Conflagrate. If this doesn't kill Honky-Tonk, then use Burn to kill him. Then, it's time for Fezwick. His first ability will stun you, so you can try to use Immolate, but you probably won't get it off. Pass your turn. If you live through that, do as much of the Immolate and Conflagrate combination as you can; when Fel Flame dies, bring out your Tonk. Then, use Shock and Awe, then Missiles until Fezwick goes down.

Christoph VonFeasel (Syd, Mr. Pointy, and Otto)

Christoph is a little more difficult to beat, but if you have some good mechanical pets, then you'll be Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Breath, Bombing Run, and Decoy), the Darkmoon Zeppelin (Missile, Bombing Run, and Decoy), and the Darkmoon Tonk (Missile, Shock and Awe, and Lock On).
ready to go. I use the

Bring out your Dragonling first, and use your Decoy. Syd will put up a blocking ability too, so just smack at it with a couple of Breath's and wait it out. Then, hit Bombing Run and spam Breath until Syd dies. You should have time to hit Mr. Pointy with another Bombing Run before the Dragonling dies. Bring out the Zeppelin, put up your Decoy, then hit Missile until Mr. Pointy dies. If your Zeppelin dies, it's okay, the Tonk can take the last 2 out with no issues. Use Missile until Otto comes out. Then do Shock and Awe, and spam Missile until Otto goes down.

Congrats! Now, you've got the ability to do both of these trainers without a lot of issues. There may be better strategies that differ from this, but these work very consistently, so I'm happy with them. Enjoy the rest of Darkmoon Faire!

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