Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Wonders of Rematch

I got a request to talk about Rematch, which is the add-on that I use in order to keep track of all of the different pet battle teams that I take care of on a daily basis. Yes, I know that I said that I was going to do this last week, but life was crazy with real life stuff, so I didn't get that far. That being said, I wanted to let you know about how great Rematch is and why you should use it for your own pet battle needs.

The Interface. One of the best things about Rematch is the interface. Instead of having the big clunky interface that WoW has put together for your battle pets, you have a smaller, more compact one that lets you know what your current team is. With a couple of clicks, you've got what you need
and you'll be able to do the pet battles that you want to do. It's very intuitive, it doesn't take up a lot of space on your screen, and it's not really that much of a headache to take care of.

The Memory. This is why I looked at Rematch in the first place. I wanted something that could keep track of all of my different teams without me having to write them down and do them in a Word document. Obviously, I write them down when I talk about strategies here, but I don't want to have to do that every single time that I want to do a pet battle. So, instead, I utilize Rematch. All you have to do is save the teams (which you do with the "save team" function) and make sure you save it with the name of the NPC you're fighting. Then, when you click on that NPC with Rematch up, it will ask "do you want to load this team?" and then it will! How great is that? You can even put the move sets into memory, and it'll load everything that you set there.

The Sorting Factors. Sorting on Rematch is amazing. Why? Because you can sort by almost anything. Don't have an Unborn Valk? Then you can use the search bar to look for whatever ability you were going to use on that one anyway. Looking for the pet that's related to a specific quest? Look for the pet name. You can even sort by "strong against" and "weak against" when it comes to typing. This makes it a lot easier to build teams and to save them in. There are a lot more sorting factors with Rematch than you do on the standard pet UI, so you're going to be able to refine your team that much more in the long run.

The Leveling Slot.  The leveling slot makes life incredibly easy. If you have pets that you want to level at some point, use this list and put them in there. They'll be put at the bottom when they hit 25. Then, if you have a 2 + leveling pet team, you literally have to put the "leveling" slot in the 3rd slot and the program will put whatever pet is not 25 and next on your list in there. How amazing is that? No more looking through your 700+ pets to try and find the one that you want to level!

The Ease of Use. All in all, Rematch is absolutely amazing. It's everything that Blizzard could and should have done with the standard pet UI, and more. I seriously only got it for saving teams, but then as time went on, I found all of the other great things it has to offer. It's a lot easier to use and a lot more intuitive than many of the other pet add-ons that are out there, and it's really easy to ensure that you've got the teams that you need to beat those pet battles!

So, yes, this is why I love Rematch and this why I think that you should try it out as well. Check it out here and download it - if you're into pet battling like I am, it's your saving grace.

Well Met!

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