Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6.2 Resources

So yes, it's patch day, and there are lots of things that need to be done! I've been looking around and trying to get ready for 6.2 in my own ways, but there are still a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Let's take a look at some of the many resources that I've been using to get ready for everything that is coming with 6.2.

First, notice that it's a fairly big patch - it took me a while to download it (darn you DSL), because it's about 2.5 gigs of patch. Wow! Anyway, if you have a chance, start downloading it well before you want to play.

If you haven't looked at the patch notes yet, they're located here. Some of the notables that I saw included the following notes. I will try to give you everything that I can to point you in the right direction when it comes to guides. You can also check out the Reddit Megathread about all of the 6.2 things ever.

Tanaan is opening up and there's lots to do. I've heard, from PTR people, that it's like the Timeless Isle on crack. One of the best guides that I've seen for Tanaan is this one that you can find on WoWhead. If you need an intro to it, I definitely recommend you look.

Shipyards. These are going to be pretty neat, even though I wish I could go on Naval Missions myself! Anyway, if you're looking for a good guide, you've got one on Icy Veins that you can check out.

Worst Photobomb Ever. Not sure who it is. 
Hellfire Citadel. You can find an awesome guide on FatBoss, which is what we at House Vestrial usually use when we're getting started with new raids. Note: We are not the authority on any sort of raids. Don't look at our stuff as guides - they're just us having a ton of fun! 

Timewalking is one of my favorite features that is going to be coming out with 6.2. I haven't been able to find any guides yet, but if you're looking for a preview, Battle.net put out a pretty fantastic one for the Arcatraz.

PETS AND TOYS. Okay, so I don't need more of either of these, but hey, they're nice to have, right? Anyway, there's a great preview about these on Warcraft Pets, and then, something I just learned about today - Pet Battle Events! You know I'll be giving that a whole bunch of love once I learn more about it and check it out.

Garrison changes. Ugh. Can I talk about how much I hate these? As with everything, I need to have a rant where I can talk about the things I don't like. I understand the logic that comes behind it, but goodness me, why would you drop the gold rate after this? We've already experienced inflation, and how it's going to turn into an economy where the rich get more rich (or stalemated) and the poor get more poor. It kind of stinks. The excuses that they used don't make me happy either - now I will feel like I have to sign in on my alts and do more time consuming things. Ugh. I know it's because of the WoW game time tokens, but ugh. You could have done it better, Blizz.
Waiting for Huo

Profession Changes. As usual, professions are getting fixed again - I hope - maybe? Anyway, if you're looking to learn more about what's out there for professions, then check out WoWHead's intensive guide on it.

Flight Unlocking Progress. Okay, so we won't have flying right away, but you can check your progress toward all of the achievements that you need to open it here on WoWhead.

Class Changes. Oi. There's always something going down when it comes to changing classes.Since I'm no expert on much of anything (I just read like crazy on warrior because, well, my main's a warrior), then I'm just going to leave links for new class guides that I've found. These are for PvE by the way - haven't even touched PvP this whole expansion, hope to this summer.

Hopefully this has all of the stuff that you'll need in order to get ready for what 6.2 has to offer today. Did I miss anything? Do you have better suggestions for class guides? (I don't play all of the classes, so I have no idea). Let me know!

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