Thursday, June 4, 2015

Draenor Pets to Keep an Eye on (6.1)

If you're finally taking the time to get back into the pet battle scene, or you're just getting into it for the first time, then you're probably trying to figure out which of the pets in Draenor that you should be worried about leveling. Here's a list of a few of the pets that you will want to get as quickly as you can and level to 25 so you can use them as part of your teams.

Elekk Plushie - This sounds like a silly one, but you have to follow me here - this little bundle of joy gives you a ton of achievements, and you can get an actual useful Elekk when you finish it. That being said, it's really easy to get - find a tailor that has some time and a ton of the extra daily cloths and you can get one. They're really cheap on the auction house nowadays

Ghastly Kid - The Ghastly Kid is a great Undead pet because it has a bunch of critter moves, but it's undead, so you're a little better off when you're going against Undead pets. It's also pretty bulky, so you can stand up to a lot. On top of that, you have Consume Magic, which can be incredibly useful when you're fighting against debuffs of all sorts.

Mechanical Scorpid - This little powerhouse is absolutely awesome. It has 5 different breeds that you can make, so you can get one that fits your preferences and what your team needs. All of his abilities are absolutely awesome, and you've got a lot of control when it comes to using it. More DoTs!

Frostwolf Ghostpup - This little guy is really cute, but that's not the only reason for you to add him to your collection. He's a great little tank - with Frolic and Refuge, he can take and avoid quite a bit of damage. He's great for support. If you want to really get some damage out there, you can put him with a Darkness pet and use Ghostly Bite instead. Either way, he's a pretty great little guy.

Molten Corgi - The Molten Corgi is, essentially, a modification of the Terrible Turnip, and in my opinion, he's a crapton cuter. I'm a big fan of Corgi's, so they're pretty fantastic. Remember, you could only get this from the anniversary event back in November, so you can't really get them now. Anyway, between their healing, Puppies of the Flame, and their other moves, they can be a beastly little tank. They don't put the pain on mechanicals like some other elementals, but he still stands up pretty well.

Weebomination  - A solid little undead creature if you don't have a good one on your team. Plus, I'm in love with Death Grip, so that helps too. If you need a hefty Undead for your team, this little guy is good for you.

Puddle Terror - The only water elemental that is actually Aquatic, which makes it a much better one
to use than the other elementals that can get facerolled by other Aquatic pets. With its balanced setup, it makes for a pretty good damage dealer that you can use for any elemental situation that you may put yourself into.

Like I said, several people had asked me what Battle Pets that they should be focusing on when they get back to it in Draenor, and these are the ones that I have been taking a lot of time to take care of and deal with. What Draenor pets do you think are the most important ones to work with? Do you use any of these on your current team(s)?

Well Met!

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