Thursday, June 18, 2015

Racing Toward 6.2

As you likely know, it was leaked that 6.2 is going to be released next Tuesday, the 23rd of June. So, of course, that means that nerds like me are getting ready for 6.2 in a lot of different ways. It's coming quickly (I didn't realize how quickly until I looked at the calendar today, wow!) and I haven't even put up a post about what I like about what is coming up in the patch yet. So, as you would expect from me, here are my thoughts on what I'm excited about in 6.2.

Also, as a note, these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to post some pictures because I know that you all like me to have them. So, have some pictures!

Shipyards.  Shipyards are going to be pretty cool in my opinion. I know that they're just more followers that we send on Naval missions, but hey, Fari gets to own a boat. And look at his stern face in this picture to the right. Doesn't he look like he should own a boat anyway?

New Content!
Of course, the main reason that we all love when a new patch comes out - new content! I'm excited about having something that is akin to the timeless isle again. I really liked the whole setup there and I found the trek to finding all of those little toys and pets and such to be a complete blast, so I'm excited to see what Tanaan Jungle has in store for us. That ways a great way to do the whole thing and it really is going to be engaging. I'm a little intimidated that there are going to be three reputations that we're going to have to deal with there, but I've dealt with much worse - come on, I have The Insane, reps are really no big thing for me.

Mythic Dungeons. As you guys know, I go back and forth with raiding (if you want to watch my hilariously awesome guild, check out our YouTube page. Be warned - we can all be a little crass, as you may expect from gamers). Anyway, part of it is because my life gets busy at times and that I don't have the time to necessarily devote when it comes to raiding (thank God I'm a DPS). Mythic dungeos would give me something that's challenging when it comes to content, but that won't take quite as much time. Maybe. I can hope right?

Timewalking (OMGGG). This is something that I have been anticipating for years. Like, seriously, I can't even tell you how excited I am when it comes to the whole timewalking thing. For those of you who haven't heard, Timewalking is going to allow you to go back into the old dungeons from BC and... I don't remember where else yet, and all of your gear and your power get scaled back to that level. So basically, you get to run it like you did back in the day (just with our more balanced system). I'm excited for this - I didn't get to experience some of these when they were current; content, so I want to make sure that I get that experience while trying out this new type of dungeon setup.

More Pets. And, as you may expect, I'm excited for new pets and new pet content. I haven't really dug into everything that it has to offer yet in that area, but I know it's coming and I know that I want more of it. I always want more of it, what can I say? I love my pets.

What are you looking forward to as 6.2 comes out next week? Are you going to be going nuts over pet content like me? Or are you going to be running around Tanaan losing your mind with everything that you have to do? No matter how you're going to enjoy it, have a great patch week!

Well Met!

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