Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What Should I Prioritize in 6.2?

Now that 6.2 is here, and people have been playing it for a week (I haven't gotten much playtime in due to personal circumstances, but I'll be in for it this coming week), you're probably among those who are looking for priorities as to what you should do and how much you should be doing. In this post, I'm going to give my opinion on what and how you should be prioritizing your time when it comes to what you want to do in 6.2.

For Raiders and Dungeon Crawlers: 

As you guys know, I've been out of the raiding scene for a short bit, if for nothing else because it was stressing me out a bit. I go through phases with raiding, as many of my friends and followers know,
Fari's first Kazzak raid. Likely, of many.
and I'm glad that flexible raiding makes that a lot easier for me. 

Anyhow, if you are raiding, make sure that you go and kill the world boss, Supreme Lord Kazzak  He drops lots of tasty gear and makes it great for you to get a couple of pieces that you may be missing. The trinkets are insane, and they're on my list of things to get. 

Also, if you're into PvE content in general, then make sure that you go and check out the Mythic dungeons. Those, I've heard, are no joke and they take a bit of time to really be able to get them down. I am ready to try them myself - hopefully this coming week I'll be ready to go for them! I know I'm the right iLvl, just need to find a group. 

For Pet Battlers: 

This is the pet battlers' patch, period. As someone who loves pet battling and could do it all of the time, I was ecstatic when I saw all of the things that we were going to be able to do and enjoy. I'm going to be tackling the legendary pets first thing this week, and I promise I will have a quick guide for them as soon as possible - maybe even next week. There are also additional pets for you to go ahead and get, and I'm going to also put together a priority list for those of you who pet battle on a regular basis. In short, pet battlers, rejoice - Fari is going to catch up with all of her pet battling goodness soon! 

For Collectors:

This can double for pet battlers too, since most of us overlap in that way. So first, let's look at the pets. There are 26 - count them, twenty-freaking-six, new pets that you can get in this patch. This includes a whole wide array of puppies. I loved the Ghostpup, and now there's a fel puppy, and a nether puppy... 

Toys. You can buy pet toys with tokens (I have all but the mirror at the time that I'm writing this), you can get toys from the new quests, and more. I may try to put out a 6.2 toy guide for all of you as well. 

Mounts! As always, there are new mounts. There are two new mounts that you can just buy for 30k (for both) in your garrison at the supplier who hangs out in your Town Hall. There are also reputation mounts and other mounts that you can get as well. I'm a little intimidated by the Corrupted Dreadwing, but he looks freaking amazing and I kind of really want him. 

                             For Everyone:
Rabee, chillin' with the Flame Guardian. No biggie. 
If you haven't gotten everything in terms of achievements for Midsummer, drop everything that you're doing right now and take care of it. There are several new toys that you can get, and they take a lot of those flowers to be able to do. As you can see, that's what I was doing while I was writing this post and had a few moments to spare on WoW. So go, do it. 

No matter who you are, make sure that you go and check out all of the great weekend events that are going on. Last weekend was Timewalkers - I didn't get to check them out, sadly, but I heard they were a lot of fun. They vary every week based on all of the different types of interests that people have, so it's going to be pretty sweet.

Well Met!

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