Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Callout for Topics and An Announcement!

August is coming up soon, and because of that, my life is about to get absolutely nuts. Why? A few things.

  • Nim and Jay, who I have mentioned on here a number of times, are having a little baby boy! I get to be Aunt Fari! Well, not Aunt Fari. It would be pretty funny if I ended up Aunt Fari, but I'll likely be just Aunt Marti. Anyway, I will be down there for at least a week during the month, helping around the house as Nim goes back to work. 
  • Visiting my GF, who is at her summer job for the summer (about 2 hours from here). I'll be there some this week, and I will probably be down there at least once more this month. 
  • Going up north to visit my family. Good Lord, I'm not even really going to be here this month, lol. Anyway, I plan on going there between all of this craziness and seeing family and other people that I love. I'll have computer with me though, so that's helpful at least. I can still write, just the busyness will make the creativity a little stagnant. 
  • Writing my book! If you follow me on my main website, Marti's Miscellany, you will see that I have been talking about writing a book for about a year or so. August is when I will be cracking down and trying to get that first draft out and to those who are going to be editing it.
So, since August is going to be nonstop for crazy old me, I will need a little bit of help keeping the weekly content flowing on The Achievement Warrior. So here I am, calling out for topics! I prefer to keep the whole thing 

Also: an announcement! Starting in September (after the first draft of the book is done), I plan to be writing on TAW twice a week! Tuesdays will continue to be about WoW, but Fridays, I plan on writing about other gaming topics, including Hearthstone, board games, other video games, and more. TAW is going to become a lot more well rounded!  

If you haven't been there yet, go and check out my Patreon page. If you like what I'm doing here and on Marti's Miscellany and you want to support website hosting and all of that, please give so that I can continue! 

Well Met!

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